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Servers maintenance

Hi there!

As I have promised in the previous announcement there would be scheduled maintenance due to server renovation.

We are planning to start on Thursday 14-th of September 7 am UTC and the works would last for 2 hours. Please note that networks won't be accessible at that period of time.

We do apologize for the temporary inconveniences.

Best regards,
Ning Team.

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        • Hi there!

          Thanks for providing us with an example, I have run the test and yes it seems the loading doesn't end. That's why I have created the report to our tech team, so once there would be any fix released I'll contact you back via email.

          Apologies for this inconvenience.

          Best wishes,

          Ning Team.

    • I have posted this as a support ticket and been told that they recognise it as a bug, and it would be good if all networks that have this issue send tickets so that it is recognised more widely. Thanks.

      • Thanks, we are still having the problem. How long until it's fixed?



        • Hello, Trish!

          Could you please specify what kind of issue you are experiencing at the moment so we can address it properly.

          You can PM me here on Creators or text us at




      • Hello, Anam!

        So far we have resolved all the major issues related to server maintenance.

        If you still experience any problems, please let us know at



        The Ning Team

  • Hallo after the maintenance in my blog there is no possibility to paid the membership, on the screen there is an error the same that I have in 2016, please say me how I can have available the payments now.

    The users are unable to pay for new subscriptions or to renew their annual fee.
    It's about from wedsneday afternoon that this issue occured.

    Ning API has a timeout error.
    We haven't made any changes on the code and we are using your official GitHub library.

    Can you please help us?

    I'm wait for an answer

    • Hi Laura,

      We have contacted developers and according to them, you should use TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2 instead of SSLv3 as it was disabled. Apologies for any inconveniences. By the way could you please share the link to the documentation that you are checking.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • Twice in two days. Curiously, some of my members CAN post on our blog, but I cannot. I can access the blog, but I can't do anything. No comment posting, no reply capabilities, no mobility on the site. I filed a ticket this morning (via email because the support pages aren't working either....) and got a "canned" response that the networks are unstable. No duh. ... I'm needed there; I can see the requests from my members, but I can't respond. AND I can't access the members list to even find their email addresses to respond personally. thanks, Ning. This is two of the last three days. And we all pay for this? And, if this is anything like the "good old days", most Ning employees don't work on the weekends. Really? 

    • Hi Jannie,

      I'm sorry for all the inconveniences, I have just checked your network and it seems that the blog post and the reply could be posted. Please try to clear cache (as it's possible that unworking version of teh site could have been saved there) and try to post the blog post for example and visit members management page. If there would be any issues please let me know.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • Same experience here...Site Manager and Member Management at backend are not manageable! 

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