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Dear NING Creator,
we want to hear your story!

We love our creators and know that stories of your communities can be really exciting. And we want to discover all of them! We would like to ask you to tell us more about you, your community and how you develop your network.

Here are some examples of stories that our creators have already shared with us:

Community Story with Anton Noe,

Community Story with Mohammad Tariq Maliq,

Community Story with Badan Barman, LIS Links

We will be really happy if you can answer some questions, that will help us in preparing story about you and your network :

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do? What do you love?
  2. How did you decide to create your network? What is your community for you?
  3. Do you have interesting stories or people in your community? Tell us about them
  4. Without what you can’t imagine your community?
  5. Can you give us some tips how to build successful community?
  6. Tell us a little about your experience with NING?

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  • Dear Victorica

    Thanks to publish my story on ning .. :-)


    • Thank you for sharing your story :) 

  • Dear Victoria,

    I am more than happy to see my story at Ning. Thanks a ton for this effort. I am sure it will motivate creators like us to devote further so that our new story appear in Ning.

    I wish Ning all the best success in their endeavors.

    • Hi Badan,

      thank you for sharing your story! We are really happy to feature it and it is a real inspiration to us and other creators!

  • My name is Theodocia McLean and my passion is helping authors.

    I created my Ning Community for the purpose of free promotion for my authors and great books to read for my avid readers.

    The authors (members) in my community are hardworking, self-published authors who deserve to be heard. The publishing industry is cut throat, so I offer FREE book promotion on my Cold Coffee Café, to help my fellow authors.

    Without self-publishing authors coming into the scene on a daily basis and without the great support of the Ning Administration, I couldn’t imagine such a great community.

    When building a community:

    • Pin point who you want as members. In other words, narrow the field.
    • Keep control, don’t let your members post excessive graphics and meaningless jibber which eats up your storage space.
    • Be professional and invite people who will enhance your mission and community.
    • Keep your site clean. Remove old and outdated blogs, photos and videos that clog up your storage space.
    • Open as much of your community to the outside world (viewing) as possible. This will encourage the search engines and readers to come.
    • Keep it free if you can and add the apps that your community needs to survive and grow.
    • Create an eye pleasing design that will grab the attention of your community and outside readers in a split second.
    • Tone down clutter and draw your readers to the most important aspects of your community.
    • If you have a forum and blog, watch out for spammers and delete the riffraff.
    • Enjoy your community and share is on all your social media outlets.

    Ning has been a blessing to me and the members of my community. With professional administers and associates looking for ways to improve and adding communication “chat” for faster ticket turn around time, has been amazing.

    Thank you for this opportunity to share,

    Theodocia McLean
    Cold Coffee Café

    Thursday, February 1, 2018

    Cold Coffee Cafe
    Cold Coffee Café Is Free To All Authors and Avid Readers.
    • Theodocia,

      thank you so much for your story! As soon as we publish it, I will let you know :) 

      Cold Coffee Cafe
      Cold Coffee Café Is Free To All Authors and Avid Readers.
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