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Some Design Studio Updates

Hi All,

Today we've released some updates to the Design Studio. Here's what's new:

  • We've separated out the controls for Links and Buttons into their own panels.
  • In the new Links panel, we've added options for Page Navigation; these are the links that appear below a page title, and link back to individual categories. You can control the font, color, size and hover state for these links.
  • We've moved the Post Title links option to this new Links panel and we've added options for the hover state.
  • We've added Module alignment options to the Page > Modules panel, to make it easy to center or right justify these titles.
  • We've changed the way that the Ning like/promote buttons look. We use the link color you've chosen for the border color in the unliked state, and the link color becomes the background color in the liked state.

We also fixed a couple of bugs in this release:

  • We fixed an issue where we were reformatting images in the activity feed to .jpgs.
  • We fixed an issue where we weren't respecting profile settings for moderation emails.

Finally, we have added some new API capabilities to the Ning 3 APIs, including new endpoints for updating members, photos, and discussions, and options for retrieving member categories and using a category ID to filter requests for members.


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  • So how do i delete my theme history or start with a fresh sandbox?

    • Randy just switch to a new theme and layout.  The history only saves the last 60 saves anyway.  I would remove all my CSS/Custom Code as well (save it to Wordpad first just in case) to truly start with a fresh pallet.  If you don't like it - use your history to revert back.

      • Does that mean i have to remove all my CSS in all the 60 themes and publish one at a time? If so with my dial up it will take me until next January. LOL

        • Well you can certainly try a new theme and see how it handles your code but I'd definitely have it backed up somewhere.  I feel for your dial up.  Even having cable, it's never fast enough. 

          • Thanks Kos. It don't matter if i loose my other saved themes. I have already saved my settings that i need. The reason i asked about deleting my theme history is that my creator and i are about to close our site or hand it off to someone else. We are not happy with our members that are suppose to be village enthusiast when our activity is nearly zero. We seam to be flogging a dead horse trying to get them involved with the site. I keep giving them information about the new 3.0 and i have been asking for their help in what they would like to see in features and improvements on our site, but i have received very little support from them so we are about to throw in the towel.

            I just don't want the new creator to have my designs. I plan on taking them with me if i decide to open another site on my own.

            Also another question. A group of us dedicated village collectors want to become a paid site if no one want's to take over our current site. Can we just close our current site name and re name it?

            • Oh man, that's tough to hear.  All that hard work!  Augh.

              Changing your site name, I would discuss via email to Ning.  I do know they're no longer giving out any sandboxes so the name change and re-design sounds like what you'll need to do.  Let us know how things go!  Fingers crossed for you buddy

              • Thanks Kos. Yes after eight months working on this i decide to stop and see what happens after we migrate.

  • I have filled out the form for migration and have not been updated to when it will take place.

    • Hi Sam, I see that you submitted a migration request on April 6th. Unfortunately, we never received a reply to the confirmation email. We need this to proceed so that we can confirm that the request was submitted by the Network Creator and that you've been informed about the migration process. 

      Can you submit another request and be sure to reply to the confirmation email? Thanks!

  • Is there a CSS decoder for converting to this? 

This reply was deleted.

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