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The Analytics Feature at your disposal!

Good News – it`s time to announce the release of Analytics feature on Ning 2.0 and 3.0 platforms.

Many of you have been looking forward to this update ever since we first mentioned it. Today we would like to thank you for your patience—and proudly bring them to you as promised. Our newly released Analytics feature is the easy-to-use tool for building an effective network. This tool will significantly enrich your network creation kit, and will considerably expand your community management possibilities.

The Analytics option allows you to monitor your network’s activity in dynamics, and get more information about your network by tracking various events: new posts, comments, page visits, likes, registrations, etc. This feature provides up-to-date information about user activities on the site, letting you understand how to attract them again. Analytics also helps to evaluate the success of your programs on social networks. This option generates useful content reports that help you understand which content is most effective and popular with users. Network analytics functionality is available for both Ning 3.0 and 2.0 platforms.

Find more information here: Help Center

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  • It would be great for someone from Ning to provide a free webinar on getting the most from Google Analytics and the new features / data this provides. I've used GA embed code since the start of the community and have now replaced the GA tracking code in general settings and deleted the embed code. I've never really run reports before and despite having a play around using the images and guide below haven't got anywhere.

    Kryryl - do you think this would be possible?

    • Hi there!

      I have contacted the person who is working with GA in our company and unfortunately, he said that the webinar isn't possible:-(. However, he has had several minutes to create the video instruction how you can use the form that has been provided in help center to display the analytics for your network specifically (please note that you should have google analytics account already in order to proceed with the instructions from the video).

      You can find the video by the following link As I have just uploaded it, it's available right now on in 360p as it takes some time for Google to render it, so I would suggest you to upload the file itself and play it with your browser.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      Analytics set up.webm
      • That was helpful thanks Kyryl - please pass on my thanks as well to whoever created the video :)

        Analytics set up.webm
        • Hi Mike,

          I'm glad that the video was helpful for you. Your thanks have been passed promptly to the person who has created the video as well, I think he will be pleased :-)


          Ning Team.

          Analytics set up.webm
  • Just curious - do many other people here still wish for the member chat to change? 

    Ning - is there any update on any changes for it coming soon? My website members have basically stopped using the chat since its recent upgrade. Where as when you had the earlier simpler version - lots of people were using it. I wish we could just go back to the simple version of the chat you had before. 


    • Hi there!

      The suggestion regarding the ability to get back to the old chat version has been already created and passed to the management.

      At this moment they are creating the plan for the next quarter, and when it will be ready you will see it here in announcement area on creators.

      Please stay tuned in order not to miss it.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • Hi there, a bit separate from this update but still very relevant and I hope posting here gets some response. I am still having the error in which facebook is not fetching the previews for new links properly. This is a huge inconvenience for my project and upcoming broadcasts I am organizing. Is there any update on this being fixed or any solution in sight? It seemed like it was momentarily fixed a few days ago but then went back to being broken. 

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Screen shot of what I am referring to.


    • Hi there!

      Just checked the post you've been talking about and shared it on my facebook page and I have posted the link in status as well, and it seems that the preview is loading just fine. Here are some screenshots:

      And when the post is shared:

      Please let us know if it still doesn't display properly on your Facebook page.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • I am facing the exact same issue with my network.

        • Hi there,

          As your network is private and as the non-member, I have been able to reach only the main page, so that is the page which I have tested on facebook, and as I see the preview has been loaded just fine:

          However, if you are trying to share another page please share the link with me so I could check it and see what is wrong.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

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