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Find out why NING as a social media website builder is better than:
1) Facebook. There, you can create business pages, social groups; share numerous content. But, in fact, there is no that special community feeling: people stand on Facebook ranging algorithms, they can miss your content easily, visit thousands of groups in a moment and all of them look the same. They don`t feel something like "I`m a part of this community", they just consume the content they need, and barely develop any relationships.
2) Twitter. Do short messages make you mad? Yes, we understand this. No unions, no groups, just a great mess of content, where you lose your personality. A cozy social community is something people will prefer one day anyway.
3) Instagram. Yes, there are numerous picturesque photographs. But again: here everybody exists for themselves - people aren`t united with a single idea. Their main goal is to look at photos.
4) Youtube. Yes, here you can monetize your videos and earn money with your video content. But those ads! In your NING community, you can prepare videos for your members without annoying advertisement - instead, you can monetize your content with the use of our monetization features: Paid Membership or Paid Access.

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