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January 29



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AMZ replied to Tona's discussion
Archive or backup site
"ROFL.. Soon never means soon. Not like within the next 3 months probably next year Q3 if ur lucky."
Oct 11
AMZ replied to ⚡JFarrow⌁'s discussion
Leaderboards are Broken- Tags Are Too N.2.0
"Yeah...Ning broke my site. 
Wish we could just host our own sites. 2.0 is forgotten and 3.0 is being developed pretty slow. If only it was Open sourced. "
Aug 28
AMZ replied to Ashish's discussion
Ning 3 - Not hapenning!
"The internet is different from early 2010s. Features aren't going anything. What you need is a stratigey. What is your platform about? Who is it for? How are you going to improve their lives *What tools are you offering*? You gotta also push for goo…"
Jun 14
AMZ replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
North Pole, Express delivery - Members Ranking System 3.0
"Time to move on mate. 2.0 has been dead since 2012. "
Dec 25, 2017
AMZ replied to AMZ's discussion
Make Ning Great Again!!!
"That'd be a good direction for Ning to take. Licensing their platform so we can just host them our selves. I wouldn't mind paying a few hundreds for that. "
Nov 13, 2017
AMZ replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
Overview of Q3 and Ning Q4 2017 plan.
"The thing about 1 is that depending on who's managing the community you can always set up something like this. ;(This is a screenshot of the Wayback Machine btw). This was a community where people sh…"
Nov 13, 2017
AMZ replied to AMZ's discussion
Make Ning Great Again!!!
" However, there is the possibility to create the custom page and the blog inside of the group, also you can add HTML boxes (which are the equivalent of the Text Boxes from 2.0).

Great stuff .Didn't see that. Welp that takes care of like 2 or 3 poin…"
Nov 13, 2017
AMZ is now a member of Ning Powered Events
Nov 13, 2017
AMZ replied to AMZ's discussion
Make Ning Great Again!!!
"No problem. I've updated the group suggestions. I'll be working on the others later. But i feel like groups are much more important than any other feature if i'm being honest. "
Nov 11, 2017
AMZ replied to The Ning Team's discussion
Update on May Service Disruptions
"Let me tell you guys something. I've been on ning since I was 12..currently 20 years old. I pretty much grew up on here. What I will tell you guys is this. The internet is changing and it's doing so very fast. The longer you guys wait on Ning to get…"
Jun 6, 2016
AMZ replied to Joshua's discussion
Is it possible?
"There's no such thing. If you mean pure HTML,CSS, or even JS. Then you're out of luck on here. 
The script that George posted does stop right clicks, but can be disabled. Also there's multiple ways of getting this info via Ctr+U for Page source, or…"
Dec 25, 2014

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