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Belleville, MI


May 17

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  • 3195058?profile=originalI may be lat greeting, sorry for this.
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  • Hi Ralphy,
    I've been getting ready for All Hallows Eve.
    Making themes and comment tags.
  • Thank you so much ralphy for both the code and all your efforts with regard to the TOS

    Have a nice day
  • Ralphy,
    Thank you very much for including me in your quest for fairness from Ning.
    I am not the Creator of my site. I am Administrator/Manager therefore I can only
    do so much. I do have a sort of devious little plan in mind to test the boundaries.
    Have a fun weekend.
  • Hi Ralphy,

    Here is what I asked (copied verbatim):

    This seems to be the place where questions are asked, and I am not trying to reopen a closed discussion I read everything in the nudity discussion, but nothing came close to answering our question.
    About nudity --- now wait and please hear me out. On Fantasyland we are about Faeries and Mermaids and crafts (among other things). Mermaids don't wear clothes, but their hair covers most of the breasts. Some faeries are scantily clad but not nude.

    As to the crafts asexual dolls in various stages of the crafting process are shown.
    Some plaster and ceramic elfin creatures do not wear clothes. They are not anatomically correct.

    The question is simple --- do we need to remove them? Are they considered to be nude?
    Ning really does tick me off. We had considered moving to another location and set up some experimental pages. Spruz was the nicest in regards to quick responses to questions and being eager to please. Sadly, our members were resistant to the format. I really like Yuku and they are free, but again the members were resistant to change.
    So what do you think you will do?
    BTW thanks for the friendship.
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