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Newport Beach, CA


November 26

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

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  • I checked out yours as well. I really like it and signed up. Maybe I can learn a few things to help CoachBook become a legit business. You can friend me on facebook at
  • Seems they don't like new discussions about leaving ning.......

    What is your website? Here is mine:
  • Hi Caylin,

    As I stated in my post here, I don't think I have a magic key.

    Things I did beginning in 2004 to build my network:
    1. Visited events around the country to promote site (a must)
    2. Advertised in publications (hard to track success)
    3. Had radio ad running for a bit.
    4. Google adwords (still do this)
    5. Network with others that share interests and helped to promote their vision.

    Lots of stuff through the years...the Ning network was really a right time right place accident...honestly.

    Hope this helps.
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