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January 22

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  • Hi Coletta,

    You're right besides me many people are also having the same problem, I'm following the discussion, it seems that's an error from their side, and I was told that nothing will happen to me.

    Many people are having your kind of problem as well, but I can't understand, I use also PayPal which is tied in to my "Debit Card" and it was accepted, but I have a friend who has the same thing and is having problems paying with his PayPal, I have no idea why......

    There are many other programs such as Ning, I found this one which is very comparable to ning, and I was going to use first, but then my members told me that they will contribute for the payment and we kept the ning network.

    I'm sure for the people who are having the same problem as yours they will keep the network open for some period of time until they resolve the problem......

    Hope everything will turn out good
    Have a good weekend
  • Hi Coletta,

    I don't know if your problem has been solved, but mine just got started......

    2 days ago (Aug 17) I purchased the "ning plus" plan and I made a payment trough my PayPal account, I got a note from Ning center that may payment went trough and congratulating me for my network saying that it has been renewed for another year.

    This morning (Aug 19) I got an invoice from Ning for the purchase amount, in which they are saying "this is for information purpose only" and that I don't need to do anything since my payment is made.

    again this morning (Aug 19) I got a notification from PayPal confirming that they had paid Ning center on my account for the same amount (USD$ 199.95)

    So far it was good, I advised the members that everything is ok, and that our network will continue........ until this afternoon I got another notification form Ning center telling me that I still didn't choose a plan, and that I have 48 hours to choose one otherwise my network will be closed........

    and I have no clue what to do now, I sent them an e-mail but I doubt if anybody will read that, I want to open a new ticket now, but again I don't think anybody will answer me on that....... I guess they're totally disorganized, so I'm wondering if it's ok to work with them.......
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