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March 14

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I am an Armenian born in Lebanon, Canadian citizen and for the past 15 years I've been living in Beijing, China with my beautiful wife Kelly-Maria. I created a social community network on Ning, for the Armenian community living in Asia, so that we can be connected with each other in this far side of the world.

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  • Hi Dikran,

    You're right, MyEE Online is accessible but the other one isn't. The two domains are hosted on the same server. That's what I don't understand.

    Thanks for the friendship invitation.

    I couldn't access your network.



  • Bjstuff,gzstuff,szstuff,shstuff,hkstuff are hosted by ENOM INC U.S.A.They rarely get blocked.I was told by NING insider last year that those websites are on special server and IP.I never used foreign hosting,i use XINNET,and was blocked last year.It was very painful experience.I can still say it again:NING BLOCKING IN CHINA IS TECHNICAL GLITCHES,NOT POLITICAL OR OTHERWISE.I hope they overcome those glitches.

    So far so good.NING is fast and smooth in china now unlike 3-4months ago,when it was annoyingly slow.With time it will get better and best!
  • Your problem sounds a little different than mine. I can't even get them to accept my payment at all. We've had to resort to creating invoices and me paying by check. I've been guaranteed my site won't be shut down tomorrow even though I just got the invoice yesterday. We'll see what happens.

    Go to the thread called "Admins & Moderators" and raise a big stink over there. The President of Ning started it so Ning employees are quick to respond to any complaints made.

    I think I've seen other people with your same problem so I know you're definitely not alone.

    As far as is Ning good to work with, I don't know. Had I known a few months ago I would be having these problems, I probably would have left and gone to another site. When I thought no one would help me, I researched other sites online. There are a few out there that are comparable to Ning and ready for Ning people to make the switch.
  • Ning still hasn't fixed the problem. Their suggestion didn't work and now I'm stuck with money in a place I don't want it. I don't know how they can run a business if they can't accept payments.

    I did NOT delete any of the posts I made. At this point, I wouldn't put it past Ning to start deleting posts they're annoyed with. It's not like deleting comments can erase their incompetence or anything.

    I suggest making a complaint on a thread started by the CEO of Ning. When I did that someone got back to me immediately - probably scared of getting into trouble.
  • NING's imperfection is HELP CENTER.I was affected when NING was blocked last year,but not all NING in china was blocked.I paid for HELP CENTER express response.Best advise they could offer me is to shut down my paid NING websites(2 of them),that the available websites in China are on special IP's and Servers and there's nothing they can do about mine.

    Am back this year,everything seem so far so good.Hope they will not block NING again.NING isnt a threat to China,i see those blocking as technical glitch not political or otherwise.NING no longer host porn site,future is bright.

    We keep in touch in NING creators forum.I dont have time for outside meeting and calls.I work 24/7 on my NING networks.My NING's are my job.
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