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  • Hi John, you seem very in the know and active in the Ning community.  I've had some odd glitches happen to my site that are quite concerning and am giving serious thought to a self hosted alternative.  

    A little history about me.  I ran a successful Ning site a few years back and LOVED the platform.  Never had a moments trouble with it.  So when I wanted to make a new community I came right back.  But now, with all the changes to what is available and how things work I'm concerned.

    Was wondering if you have faith in Ning these days?


  • Need your help, again..

    Want to keep the desktop view even to (use) mobile

    How to setup?

    Sorry, my eng not good enough..

  • hello friend I'm not managing to put the code entry on my network can help min?

  • NC for Hire

    Hi John,

    Thanks! I appreciate your encouraging words. I promised I wouldn't comment off-topic again, so decided to thank you, here. =)



  • John, 

    Can you help?



  • John, what happened to your whole discussion titled "Where is the Ning Team - Once Again I ask"... ???   Did Ning DELETE the whole thing or did you delete it?


  • I feel like giving a gift, because I care today and every day I am there to you and to all, I am happy knowing you are a good friend to have and for me it is good to be loved. You matter :)
  • Have a wonderful week John...Spring is almost here! :)
  • Thank you john for taking the time to be of such help.

This reply was deleted.


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