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August 20

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  • OK, I just found it:


    How it works

    Is Paid Access available for all networks?

    Yes. All networks — Mini, Plus, and Pro — can purchase this add-on.

    What options will I have to charge members to access my site?

    • Paid Membership: Collect membership dues

    • Paid Groups: Create a space for members to access paid-only

    • Paid Content: Set up destination pages for members to access paid-only content

    • Create as many combinations of these paywalls as you like.

    How much does Paid Access cost me?

    The Paid Access add-on is available for $19.95/month. Additionally, there is a service charge per transaction (2.9% in North America) to cover transaction costs. (Note: This service charge drops as the volume of charges increases, allowing us to pass savings on to you.)
  • I just got an email saying that the system now allows member billing, but I can not seem to find it anywhere? This is part of the message:


    Paid-Access added options

    We recently announced our eagerly awaited Paid-Access feature, which allows you to charge your members to join and/or access valuable content on your network. You can do so with a fixed price or ask for donations. The next phase of this project involves adding recurring subscription payments and offering even more options for how to pay for and use it.




    OK? So where is it?? How do we get it??? Do we have to upgrade to Pro to get it in an App???? That would kind of defeat the purpose of making money so we can afford to upgrade wouldn't it????? Your killing us!

  • Hello! I notice you started a blog post. If you need to close out a network,  you can submit a ticket from your support link on your dashboard. If that doesn't work fro you, you can contact us here. You should be able to submit a ticket at that link.
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