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East Liverpool, OH


June 27

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OUR PURPOSE: You and your loved ones are not alone when dealing with the DOC and their cruel inhumane system that does nothing but lie and deceive families and friends of what is truly going on behind the those walls. They feel once our loved ones get locked up that is it..Oh no we are strong enough to be survivors right along with our loved ones and that is for sure!!Loving A Convict( LAC) wants to help and support our loved ones Anyway we can,LAC is a place for sharing news, information, ideas, personal experiences, prison related issues, parole and legal information, links to other useful sites, letters, petitions, health issues, standards, policies and procedures that pertains to the DOC info.. Who am I: I'm a Ex~Convict myself that did some small time and ended up in the DOC database with a F3.I'm not Ashamed of what i did in the past,But I'm not proud of what I've done in my past life either "Today I do truly believe it is my responsibility, but it's also my passion~Besides creating these sites~I truly believe it's my calling to touch the lives of people who feel they have no hope or have no potential to be successful~Cause everyone that Believes in there self can do anything they want to do in life!!!I was a addict for quit some time and learned the hard way..My crime has made me a better person and Understand where our loved ones are coming from and what they go thru 24/7.I had A fiance in prison but he has been released from Prison In July 08 I still have many friends and family members locked up in the DOC database..My goal here is to show our loved ones that Someone out here cares about them and that we are NOT giving up on them! We will do what ever it takes to help our loved ones..I'm a very devoted person to Anyone that has a loved ones in prison..And Devoted to Our Convicts People ask why do i call my "Inmates" Convicts ( i call my self a convict,cause that is what iam ) Always remember when someone calls you a convict Or Your loved ones,Smile and hold your head up cause that means you as a Convict Or your loved ones has Traditional values One who has pride and one Who gets respects from other convicts and who maintains his Integrity!!I would like for you all to stay strong and Keep on keeping!! WHO WE ARE: We are a community that surrounds and supports ALL Doc Convicts , and their families and friends. Also children in prison,ex-convicts, ex-offenders, lawyers, paralegals, prisoner rights activitists, elected officials, concerned citizens, current and ex-prison guards, who realize we need to make a change within ALL DOC. Together we can make a change and make a difference so our Loved ones and there familes can get what they Deserve!! Together we can make a difference!

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