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December 14

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I manage a number of networks - ex General Motors and other global companies - and am launching IT Consultancy across EMEA and America - on development team for Facebook etc

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  • ok Maggie,
    so what can I do, and how can I benefit from it as well?
  • well gee Maggie,
    It looks like there have been other responses to you.... but OK, I'm happy to be on your team... what can we do to help you with your launch? I have 11,000 email addresses that I acquired from another network I was on... What can I do with them? If you tell me what to do I will do it for you...
  • hey Maggie,
    sorry I haven't been on this site much that I missed your invitation. It would be great if I could network with someone that is really doing something that I could be part of. But I really don't want to waste my time, I need to focus on generating a cash flow, like everyone else in the world. What can you suggest Please?
  • hey ;)
  • Hi
  • Hello Maggie, There's a link to my network on my page here.
  • Beautiful Maggie.
    Welcome to my page.
    I hope we become great friends.
    Come see my art sites and recorded:
  • hello i was interested in the link or what you provide for face book games
  • OKAY - BOYS AND GIRLS! - I run (yes am female!) whole hosting in every aspect - I test and run different networks - this can very work - I would like to know the host for ning - maybe merge... I can bring in the world's best in everything that is needed
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