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December 12

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work with Holistic therapy system,and my interest is to do ,the best I can ,in many aspects ,for keep our mother earth healthy . I come from Peru,and have a proyect in a little village ,iup on the Andes.over 3.700 m over see level. People there are so poor,but they are so great blessed ones,that have learn to survive ,from the little thing they have. My life Dream ,since 9 years old ,was :When I get adult ,will create a little village ,for poor old and young people. Now ,after a whole life ,trying to make a change ,in that village,my challenge is bigger! There are more poor people,more pollution,they need,lots of technology ,(from volunteers) ,much to do for keep the nature rich ,and healthy. My Dream is to change their blue print ,and make them believe that they CAN ,get a better life . BUT never without help! My wish for make my dream true is the same, I am looking for some ,Angels,who have the dream to give ,a hand ,for make a difference in "poor"places in my home country of Peru! and rebuild ,that great country,so we can ,grow strong together ,giving our children a strong base of belief ,so they can lift other people too. Am sorry ,my english is very low,hope you can try to understand ,my point. I wish a justice ,healthy world, in many aspects ,because we all are ONE. I have more a bout me ,in BLC. I also ,give treatments fro free.because my princip is to help others to Be real happy ,and empowering them to make their dream true . So .Now I need a little help ,to make my Holistic trips to Peru ,and continue building a Holistic health center up in the Andes of Peru , a kind of Ashram ,a Home for every volunteer,and gest ,who ,wish to share ,something,any thing ,from knowledge,art,technology etc ,etc with the andean people.If you have some idea ,or a link ,will my heart be so grateful. God bless you and help you to reach your dream ! Love Mary

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