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Falls Church, VA


April 16

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  • Hi Michelle, please consider signing my petition post for a Last Login option for better member tracking:

  • No I am not involved with S4N. Just a former subscriber and current user. Ryan, the blue haired guy who is in the top content on the front page is one of the S4N creators.
  • is someone can tell me if they can upload flash images on the site
  • want to pay to keep my network

    On Wednesday, August 11, 2010 I sent the company ning all data requested me to pay through bank transfer the annual cost of my page ning. Until today I never received the data from the bank where I have to deposit money

    Why a company like ning have this attitude with your customers?

    Why am I not allowed to pay my network? What do you want?

    I want to pay and instead of sending data from the bank where pay

    send me a notice that my network will be dropped

    I want to pay to keep my network

    Who is responsible for this bad deal to me and to all members of my network

    · Link to your network:
    • Name of the creator of the network: julio cesar poblet ros

    · Address email creator:

    • Plan you want to buy: plus

  • There is no way to share it. This was part of a subscription based set of scripts that ning purchased from Scripts4Ning. NC's who had it before the purchase were grandfathered in. Ning promised to release them to everyone for free, but never did. Another of their broken promises. Sorry.
  • Hi Michelle, I don't have it up since I can't get it to work.
  • Thanks for the write back. I don't know what or who Poe is (besides Edgar Allen) but if it helps me organize my site better I know I'd love it.
  • NC for Hire
    I just looked at your activity. You should be blocked out of creators if the algorithms are working correctly or incorrectly as the case may be. :-) You certainly are bouncing around all over the place tonight.
  • Hey Michelle!

    Great to see you here as well!! :) What Ning are you working on? We started a CC Ning -- I'd love to catch up more soon!!

    Take care,
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