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July 26

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  • Hello how are you.  I love your site.  Those I have to use the translator.  Very nice.  I was hoping you would help me.  I have been admiring your slider.   Can you help.  I would like to get one on my website.


  • The page I was referring to in my post on a top content slideshow for your home page is as follows (it was linked to further up in the original post):

    Be sure to read my post carefully to understand the changes you'll need to make to customize this for your own network.
  • Hi K!

    I've attached the script exactly as it appears on my website (the Content Slider).

    Content Slider.txt

    Just paste that code into a text box on your network. Obviously change the images and links to your own - that's really the only thing you have to worry about in that giant mass of code. :) It's a little time consuming and quite easy to make typos - just a case of getting the hang of it.

    You can check the script in action at

    I notice you've been asking around to find out how people add text to their content slider. Well, I just add the text manually in Photoshop before uploading the image to my network. You'll notice the text on my slider appears against the backdrop of a semi-transparent greyish box to help it stand out against the image. I add that box in photoshop too. As below:

    Hope this is of some help to you. Feel free to get in-touch any time. :)

    - Billy
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