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Miami, FL


February 19

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“Honest, ethical and moral individual who has high business and personal standards” that is what partners, clients and staff members say about Publio De La Rosa who is a Real Estate Investor, Floral Consultant, and Nonprofit Advocate. He is a business savvy entrepreneur that builds businesses, secures customer loyalty, and forges strong relationships with external business partners in highly competitive markets. He has excellent territory growth management skills and is a leading innovator of product and contract negotiations. Publio communicates a clear vision. He sees the big picture yet understands the daily “nitty gritty” of sales, operations and production. Publio started in his family’s food distribution business in the Dominican Republic. In 1978 he moved to the United States and began a new career in the real estate and floral business, while supporting non-profit entities. In the real estate arena, he is an investor and restorer of homes. Publio started Alpeka Properties to assists those who normally could not afford a home. With home prices and mortgage rates at an all time low, they help clients navigate towards becoming homeowners. As an owner, wholesaler and consultant in the floral business, Publio founded Galaxy Farms, a global marketer of fresh cut flowers, located in Miami with offices in Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. With an expertise in farm sourcing and marketing management, this farmed anchored project commits to working with both customers and farms. These partnerships have ensured accountability, teamwork and market penetration. Publio offers innovative ideas to generate streams of donations for non-profits. He is Fundraiser, Consultant for The International Relief Friendship Foundation, Inc. They seek practical solutions to the global problems of poverty, suffering and disease.

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