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Valley Stream, NY


February 3

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I am a singer/songerwriter/music publisher. My 2 Ning sites no longer exist.

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  • To Ning and everyone else, no pun intended and I hope I didn't sound so mean with with my discussion below with Ning changing their policy from free to fee. Just expressing what I was feeling. I love the Ning site, it's a great place for any to set up shop, but I feel that they should have charged us upfront instead of springing this on us all of asudden.

    I will be sticking with Ning Site for my music site.
  • Ok I understand from business point of view "Ning" making these changes from Free to pay. but, I feel that Ning should have charged us from the time they created the site.

    When they say something is too good to be true it usually is. And when I first came in contact with Ning through a friend of mines and I saw how much they were offering I figured something was fishy about it. As time went on and no sudden pay for creation accured I felt ok, maybe I was wrong, then bang here it is.

    What gets me is that, Ning waited until I put all my efforts into building up the site(a years worth of work), incur lots of members, and then they spring a price tage on it, very cleverly thought out I might add. At first I was angry on hearing the news. I'm telling you some people are going to be pissed off and go elsewhere.

    None the less, I'm going to stay, and I know others like me who love the site will stay also. I've put in too much work with my Ning sites to let them go. If someone else has a better place to offer, then I'm all ears, but until then I'm sticking with Ning.

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