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March 18

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  • i still get that error on one of the pages when i try to add the tab on my fan page. i had trouble with the application at first; i had to keep deactivating the application & starting over until i at least got it to work the way i want it to work. i can post from my network to facebook & access my network without leaving facebook, but i haven't figured out how to get rid of the error message. i posted a discussion for help with application but no one ever offered me any help. so i guess i'll just have to figure it out for myself one day.
  • Whatever I may know of Afrika, I can certainly learn more.

    As for your Amazon account, you can iFrame it in the Jisbar (or whatever social bar you use), but embedding a widget would be better. The choice is yours, of course.
  • Thank you for your kind words Themba. My name is actually a tribute to Sango, the Yoruba lord of the storm.

    To assist you, I need to know if you have created an Amazon a-Store or are you trying to place a widget or a banner on your network. On my network, I have a tab that links to my a-Store, and on the right I have a scrolling banner. Have a look at
  • Sawubona. You can't integrate your Ning search with AdSense, but you can install an AdSense for Search on your network. After customizing your AdSense for Search, you can copy and paste the code in a text box on your network.
  • i'l be here when you need, themba. be well.
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