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September 28

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  • Thanks for the nudge about tab manager! :)
  • Re;
    "Okay, then how do explain that the Ning traffic rank has gone up 1 percent in the last month and pageviews have increased 17 percent?"

    The networks are buzzing with people talking about the announcement. Internet traffic has even gone up because of it. So if some of the world didn't know about Ning, they do now.
    Page views would go up as people go to pages to post about the announcement or send messages via the page.
    There is nothing that works as good as announcing bad news to get traffic up.
    Then there is the volcanic dust cloud so that would cause an increase in traffic.
    Even Facebook traffic increased.
  • Thank you!
  • hi, could you please tell me how to add a small weather widget of
    to my forum as well as calender with the possibility of setting of my europen language? i´m a newcommer, and looking for practical tips nad tricks :-)
    thanks alot in advance for your time!
  • Thanks for your help here!
  • Thanks for joining :)
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