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Migration FAQ


Will all my content be transferred during the migration?

Yes, we transfer all member data (including default profile question responses, friends, messages, blocked IP addresses, and email addresses) and all the content (like blogs, events, forum discussions, pages, photos, videos, etc.)


What is NING 3.0 pricing?

You can check out the pricing here.


Will I pay for both 2.0 and 3.0?

If you decide to keep your 2.0 network as a backup, you will need to pay for both. If you terminate your NING 2.0 subscription, you will only pay for your updated 3.0 network according to the pricing plan.


Which subscription plan should I choose?

When choosing a subscription package, you need to keep two things in mind: the number of network members and the storage capacity. Based on these two parameters, define which plan suits you best. Check out the pricing here.


Can I transfer the design and layout of my network?

No, the design and layout are not transferred, as well as your custom CSS elements. You will need to customize your website by using Ning 3.0 Design Studio.


Why migrate anyway? What benefits do I get?

There are numerous advantages of migrating to NING 3.0, to name a few:

  • Advanced eCommerce functionality that allows you to monetize content and network membership. Use it to accept donations, review transactions analytics, issue refunds, give access permissions, and much more.
  • A redesigned Blog feature.
  • Greater flexibility for configuring your pages and layouts, including the ability to create multiple feature instances.
  • Granular control over privacy, content contributors, and moderation for each page and feature instance.
  • More straightforward and powerful Design Studio.
  • An updated logical 960 pixel 16 column HTML grid for expert designers. 
  • A more contemporary, cleaner look to all features
  • Responsive design that allows your content and navigation elements to automatically adjust to smartphone and tablet screens.
  • A new, simpler way to integrate a YouTube or Vimeo channel.
  • GDPR compliance.


Is NING 3.0 different from the 2.0 platform? Are the features the same?

NING 3.0 has all the features of the older platform and even more, except for Gifts, Leaderboards, and Photo Albums. For more information and the 2.0 vs. 3.0 comparison, please check this guide.


How long does the migration process take?

The process usually takes from 4 hours to 2 days, depending on the size and complexity of your network, the number of feature instances (like blogs, forums, photos), and the number of members.


What will happen to my old 2.0 community?

Once the migration is complete, you will need to decide whether to leave your old network as a backup or cancel the subscription. If you keep it, you will continue paying the subscription fee. If you cancel it, you will still have access to your old network until your current paid subscription period expires. After that, the network will be automatically terminated, and you will no longer pay the subscription fee. You can also request to close your 2.0 network right after the migration is complete.


How do I keep my current domain name for my new 3.0 network?

Once the migration is complete, and after your final confirmation, your new network will get the domain name of your current 2.0 community, e.g.,


How do I link my custom domain to the new network?

If you already use a custom domain name with your 2.0 network, changing the name of the new community to the one you already used will correctly point to your custom domain. Thus, you will not need to do anything in this case. If you want to use a 3.0 network with the new domain and link it to a custom domain name, you can do it in the Domain Mapping section of your user dashboard. Follow this guide for more info.

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      • Thank you so much!
  • May I get an number for our storage (patternpastiche)?
    • Hi Cindy!

      Sure, its 9.3 GB for

      Best regards,
      The NING team
  • Like Adrian, I am not finding the amount of storage I am using. It does not show up as in the example in your instructions.
    • Hello Stuart!

      As I mentioned in my reply to Adrian below, there is no storage counter on 2.0 networks. But your network is approximately 6.5 Gb.

      Best regards,
      The NING Team
  • Counting the number of members is easy, how do I know how much storage I have used? Does Ning 3.0 use more storage than Ning 2.0?
    • Hello Adrian!

      Only files that you and your members contribute to the network (music, photos, videos, etc) are being counted towards the storage use, so no, 3.0 networks do not use more storage than 2.0 networks.

      Regarding the used storage, unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, we had to remove the counter on 2.0 networks. However, we can provide you with an approximate number. For example, your network has used ~6 GB. But I would advise you to select the plan based on the number of members in the first place.

      Best regards,
      The NING Team
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