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A Follow-Up Message from our CEO

I just wanted to take a moment and provide you with an update and thank you for the positive feedback.  It's important to hear we are moving in the right direct.  Several great suggestions regarding new features and functionality have been received and are currently under review.   Soon, we’ll start sharing some of your ideas to solicit feedback.   
A lot of the feedback we’ve received so far has been concerning Ning 2.0.  We know some of you have made significant investments in customizing your 2.0 networks.  Despite our intent to restart the migration process from 2.0 to 3.0, we won’t be forcing anyone to migrate at this time.  We’re still retooling the process and will make an announcement with more information here when it’s ready to go.
In support news, we’ll complete the transition moving our support back in-house this week.  We’re working diligently to reevaluate our internal policies and procedures to streamline the support experience.  This will take time, but it’s a top priority.
Please keep the feedback coming.  We need to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. As I said previously, I don’t consider you customers but partners, and I look forward to a prosperous partnership! 

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  • I hope that service will continue to improve.  Thank you for the updates. 

    And I hope you'll forgive this inquiry here, but my forum team is in a bit of a lurch with some problems that aren't getting responses.  We have sent support requests via our forum ticketing system, email, Facebook private message, and your webform, and have gotten no response since Friday February 3 for a serious problem (our search function is completely inaccessible).  

    This comes a week after we had a few days when nobody could post any new discussions, some existing discussions and responses evaporated, and one of our admins is receiving no email notifications.  As we are running a professional training institute, our students rely on the forum for education, homework assignments, and guidance from our staff/faculty.

    We do not see updates to the Ning Status Blog anymore, and we feel very in the dark.  

    We had such high hopes at your acquisition and things were going great!  We hope this is a temporary hiccup, but we would love some reassurance as well as repair of the issues we are facing.   Can you address these concerns?  Thank you very much.

    • Hi Michelle,

      We do apologise for the inconveniences, the issue with search has been reported yesterday to our tech team. However, we have run the test on your network and haven't met any issues with the search. Probably that because we are are not familiar with the content of your network. 

      We have found the ticket that you have sent to us, and send you the response. Please check your email box.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Hello - there is definitely a problem with our search function as I outlined in my reply via our Ning dashboard.  I included examples of results that should turn up but do not.   Member search is also broken.

        I have a request - when you have an issue on your end, such as your ticketing system going down, could you please update the Ning Status Blog?   Many of us have been longtime members, and we have been struggling with unhelpful service from Ning's former owners.  We want to trust the new ownership, and part of that trust is knowing what is going on when we cannot get support.   

        Thanks for your consideration.  

  • Alright; more feedback.  It's highly annoying for things to break, your ticket is responded to and you're left hanging for over a week with no resolution.  I'm talking a/b iframes that stopped working.  Don't tell us you're working on it...........then leave us flapping in the wind for OVER a week.  These sites are our livelihood and being left hanging with broken areas is highly concerning.

  • A zip code radius search for members. this is a Great Idea from: Tyler

  • Hello
    With my experience of 8 years, I would say and from what I know of the platforms ning 2 and ning 3, that the ning 2 is much better and has better functionalities than the ning 3. Personally I would not end with ning 2 but rather the improvements, adding some functionality to the existing ones.
    As a computer engineer and experience with social networks, I think ning networks, many networks well designed and with excellent features that far surpassed the networks with facebook and others. I would be happy to give you suggestions but to the networks ning 2 and I hope they do not end them because I would be very sorry but I would close my network since I did not like the structure of the networks ning 3 and the loss of many functionalities and details that the Ning 2 has.

    • Totally agree, Adulcinio.  Ning 3 as a downgrade to 2.0 with loss of features and functionality.

  • Mine is a small account, we have 251 members at no cost to them. If the price goes to Ning3  I will be forced to find another provider.

  • Thank you for keeping us updated.
  • A zip code radius search for members is the only thing I could really use right now.

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