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Introducing Multiple Page Contributors

Since we we added member categories to page permissions, we’ve gotten requests to add the ability to set more than one member category as a page contributor.  Now, by popular demand, you can set up multiple page contributors!

You can set this up in Social Site Manager > Site & Pages.  After selecting the feature you’d like to enable this on, scroll down to the General section in the page settings.  In the “Who can contribute” field, hold down Command on a Mac or Control on a PC and select the types of members you’d like to be able to contribute to this feature instance.

Once you’ve saved your settings, only members in the selected categories will be able to add content to this feature instance.  

This functionality isn’t limited only to multiple member categories.  You can also select “Administrators” or “Featured Members” in addition to a member category, or skip the member categories altogether and just select “Administrators” and “Featured Members”.

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  • Thank You!

  • NC for Hire

    Great to see new features!

    • Yes, makes me feel so much better.
  • NC for Hire

    love it.  thank you

  • This is a good move. 

    However, I have one forum set to private. I am unable to change the 'who can view' to allow more than one category into the group. So it's not really any good that I can set a second group to contribute if they can't actually view the forum in the first place.

    Can you tweak the settings so that I can let more than one category view?

    ....or am I missing something?

  • I'd  like to say "cool!" if it weren't for my site going down TEN times overnight.  Members and visitors will not return if our sites are down and what's the point in trying to post something with the possibility of the server going down?  This has been an ongoing problem the last few months and clearly it hasn't been properly addressed.  Your #1 priority has to be to get your servers up to a dependable level.  Who's going to visit or "post" with your categories if the site is continually down................

    • Twitter was down today 

      • They had a horrible DDoS (Distributor denial of service) attack on the East coast.  Pretty much everything from Amazon to Twitter was being attacked for hours.  Now maybe our new owners have switched us over from West coast to an East coast DNS but if that were the case, then an "alert" put out on the website would certainly have be nice to inform us of their progress in correcting the problem.  Wordpress plugins did such an alert as did most others.  Ning = nothing.

  • This is indeed great news. How about you also fix the 500 errors that are continuing to plague my community site while you're at it?

    100% agree with Kos - What's the point in introducing 'new' features when people can't access the site to use them!

This reply was deleted.