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Ning Partners with Noosphere

Noosphere is happy to announce that it recently coordinated the successful acquisition of Ning Inc assets.  Under the terms of the acquisition PSCP Holdings Limited acquired the business and will operate it under the newly formed entity Ning Interactive Inc.  The Ning brand is an important member of their social discovery division's portfolio of technology assets, and the experienced management of the division will oversee the transition to Ning Interactive Inc.

We are excited about the acquisition and expect to invest in our team, infrastructure, and system upgrades and are committed to improving the overall customer experience.  While the deal was being hammered out behind closed doors, our team here has been working to prioritize a few things we’ll be working on in the immediate future.

  • Price Increase Rollback.  We’re putting all plans to discontinue the Ning Mini and raise Ning Plus and Pro prices on hold for the time being.  Our first and foremost priority is to get back to work improving the platform with results you can see before doing anything about raising your prices.  More information about this update can be found here.
  • Inconsistent Uptime.  Our Status Blog has been getting more of a workout than any of us like these days, and we know our uptime hasn’t been as consistent as it once was.  One of our most important goals is to work to limit downtime and improve uptime.
  • Bug Fixes.  Turnaround time on bug fixes has also slowed in the past few years.  We’ll be working to improve this and have started tracking some of the more visible bugs and their fixes on our Known & Recently Resolved Issues page.
  • New Features.  We know there are a number of features you’ve requested, and we’ve started work on smaller improvements and planning for new features.  You can find more information about our first new release here.

We’re fully aware of the recent network availability issues plaguing some of you and your members and have already begun the infrastructure improvements to resolve this.  We’ll share more information about our upcoming plans and improvements here on Creators under Announcements from Ning, so please stay tuned!

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  • Will you be restarting migrations from 2.0 to 3.0 anytime in the near future?  

  • NC for Hire

    Well, Well

  • I'd start off by removing the Mode Media name from the blog so you don't associate yourself with those worthless pieces of crap (that's about as PG as I get)...
    • That is probably a good idea.
    • NC for Hire

      They will do that tomorrow which in Ning time is about 10 days from now.

      • Yeah right
    • lol

    • Hahahaha!

  • Thank you for the transparency. It does wonders to help us manage our own members.
  • Thank you for this wonderful update, which I'm sure is what many of us were hoping to read. I have a good feeling about the Noosphere takeover. Although I have to say this is coming on the very DAY I was planning to start a new Wordpress / Buddypress network lol :-) Now I'm sitting here wondering whether to stick it out with what could become the new and improved Ning. I'm on 3.0... what do other creators, who might be in a similar situation, think about things after this update? Very curious to find out.

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