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Since Ning 3.0 was launched, we’ve received a number of requests for a member customizable area on My Pages (similar to the member customizable text box on 2.0 profile pages).  We’ve now added a Member Customizable HTML box that can be added to My Pages.

You’ll be able to add this to profile pages in Social Site Manager > Site & Pages.  Once there, select the My Page, click the Add Content button, select and add “Member Customizable HTML” from the Content type drop down menu, and drag and drop the module to your preferred location on the page, saving your changes.

Once it’s been added in Site & Pages, this HTML box will appear to each member on their profile page with an “Add Text” link.  You can then add content directly to your profile page by clicking that link to open the HTML field.  However, it will only become visible to other members when content is added.  If nothing is added in that HTML field, it will appear to other members as if that field doesn’t exist when viewing your profile page.

Members will have complete control over the content in this HTML box, so Network Creators and administrators should keep that in mind when setting this up, as you won't be able to edit this field on anyone's page but your own.

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  • I am noticing a glitch/bug in this code. Regularly now when i click on My Page it shows the page is half blank - most of the items have gone. Only side bar remains.

  • Wow! at last.....that's all I can say.....I'm in shock!

  • It's nice to see a new feature from NIng!

    You can even add CSS styles to the new Box, if you do it the right way:

    Maybe the Ning API 2.0 for Ning 3.0 is next?  It was also being worked on, and nearly completed before the Glam years.

    Best wishes!

  • hqdefault.jpgAwesome news, there working on 3.0 again!!! Thank you Ning..

  • This looks like a lovely new addition. However it is not available in Add Content possibilities to member profile pages on my Ning 3. No sign of it.

    • It is working on 2 of the sites I'm working on. I had to refresh the page in order to get it to work, but it is working.

      • Hi, yes, it's working now, I had to refresh a few times ...I'm delighted :D thanks for your help. And Thanks NooNing !

      • It's working on my site as well... Absolutely AWESOME that we're finally rolling out new features! Keep 'em coming, Ning Interactive! ;)

  • 3239102?profile=RESIZE_180x180

  • NC for Hire

    Nice! Any new feature is awesome news!

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