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Update:  This has been rolled back.  We will not be proceeding with the price increases to Ning Plus and Pro or discontinuing grandfathered Ning Mini subscriptions at this time.  More information on this can be found here.

As a continuation of the adjustments to our offered plans we began at the start of this year, we’re making the following changes to the plans offered for Ning 2.0, effective October 1, 2016:

  1. Retiring the Ning Mini plan.  We discontinued new Mini subscriptions in October 2012.  After keeping your Mini subscription and rates the same for nearly 4 years, we are now discontinuing all existing Ning Mini subscriptions.  Mini Network Creators will have the choice of upgrading to the Ning Plus or Ning Pro plans or canceling their network. Mini networks we don’t receive a response from prior to October 1st will be canceled and locked at the end of their current bill cycle.
  2. Increasing Ning Plus and Pro prices.  After five years, we are now raising our rates for both the Ning Plus and Pro plans, which have remained the same since July 2011.  Plus Network Creators will be able opt into the new Plus rates or cancel.  Pro Network Creators will be able to downgrade to Plus, opt into the new Pro rates, or cancel.  Plus and Pro networks we don’t receive a response from prior to October 1st will renew at the new rates, beginning their first bill cycle after October 1st, and will continue to renew until we receive a formal request for cancellation via phone or email.

Current Ning 2.0 Rates

(in effect since July 2011)

New Ning 2.0 Rates*

(effective October 1st)

















*Existing feature sets, storage limits, and support levels remain the same on both plans

In addition to the notification emails that went out today, we’ll be reaching out again shortly in subsequent email reminders with customized links that will allow you to accept this price increase or cancel your current plan.  In the meantime, please take a look at the FAQs below.  They should answer any questions you have about this, but we’ll do our best to clarify if they don’t.


How do I find out when my subscription renews?

You can find out what your bill cycle date is and when your subscription renews by logging into your account, clicking the "See Billing & Invoice History" link, and viewing your invoices.

I’m on Ning 3.0, will my subscription fee go up, too?

No, we do not have plans to raise Ning 3.0 prices at this time. 

My Ning Plus/Pro – Annual subscription just renewed in July.  When will I see the new rates?

Your current subscription and its rates are valid through the end of your current bill cycle, through July 2017.  You will only see the new rates once your subscription renews next summer. 

My Ning Plus/Pro – Monthly subscription is set to renew September 20th.  When will I see the new rates?

Your subscription and its rates will be valid through the end of that bill cycle, through October 20th.  You will see the new rates once your October invoice posts.

What about add-on pricing?

There is not any change to add-on pricing or plans to change add-on pricing or subscriptions at this time.

I don’t want to continue my network.  How do I get my content?

You can archive your network's content with the Ning Network Archiver.  Head to My Network > Content > Archive on your network to install Adobe Air and the Ning Network Archiver on your computer.  More information about archiving your content can be found here.

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  • So you're doubling the cost to the platform as it continues to fall apart.  Nice!  *smh*  There remain tickets out there marked "waiting" for weeks with no response but I can see where your concern is.  Not with us but with your pocketbook.  Yes, mark me an angry Creator.

    •  So KOS have you deleted the wp site

      • Just three days ago..........

        • Did you try migrating to a Wordpress site?  How did it go?

  • This is ridiculous! and such short notice!

  • Wow, I have an archiver that won't even effing work. Can't back up my content. Can't migrate it anywhere.  Can't even migrate onto your stupid 3.0. What a piece of shit company this has turned into. 

    • I agree.

    • ning, glam, mode and SHIT

  • I understand then that as Ning is doubling the price there will be budget for new developments in this service we are paying for that has no new features since years ago. Right?

    Could you update us in the roadmap?

    • This is what they have to do because so many are leaving. Of course it pushes out more of us... it is certainly motivating me to leave.

This reply was deleted.