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Price Increase Rollback

Since coming under new management, we’ve spent time reviewing all the feedback you’ve given us about the price increase here on Creators, in tickets, and in call notes.  We’ve heard you loud and clear!  So we’re pleased to announce that we are not proceeding with the increases for Ning Plus and Pro nor are we discontinuing grandfathered Ning Mini networks at this time.  

Instead of spending time working on the legwork leading up to a price increase, we’d rather get back to working on bug fixes and new features.  Please take a look at the FAQs below.  They should answer any questions you have about this, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you don’t see your question answered below.


I canceled my Ning Mini subscription in anticipation of the October 1st deadline.  Can I reactivate it?
Yes!  While we no longer offer new Ning Mini subscriptions, we’re happy to reinstate or create new subscriptions for Network Creators who canceled previously grandfathered plans.  Simply call our billing team or submit a ticket here to reactivate your network.

I was on Ning Pro but downgraded to Plus in anticipation of the increase deadline.  How do I upgrade back to Pro?
Simply give our billing team a call or submit a ticket from the Dashboard of your network to request plan change.  Once your request is processed, your plan change will take effect immediately.  A credit for the unused portion of your service term will be applied to the new invoice generated by the plan change.

I switched from monthly to annual billing in anticipation of the increase.  Can I go back to monthly billing before next year?
Yes!  While we don’t normally allow downgrades from annual to monthly billing before the end of the annual service term, we’re making an exception in this case.  If you submit your request to us to switch from annual back to monthly billing by November 1, 2016, we’ll change your plan from annual to monthly, effectively immediately once the plan change is processed.  You’ll be charged for annual service from the date of your previous plan change through the date your billing is changed and then from that date through then end of your next bill cycle for monthly service.

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      • Cat I couldn't disagree more.  I absolutely love love love 3.0.  I was one of the original 3.0 volunteers (I like abuse I guess *lol*) and yes, you have text boxes and can view your HTML.  It's simply been renamed to 'content boxes'.  You can place as many as you want all over the place!  You don't get those nasty warning signs b/c you've used too many.  Nope.  Gone.  Design Studio blows away 2.0s capabilities - even with full-page layouts (except for the video upload which was killer) and I've stuck with Ning because of it.  I've probably tried 10-15 other companies and would still choose 3.0 until they shut it down.  Yes, Ning never finished it but it has what I need or I can get around it for the most part. 

        • Please remember that I only had it for the month free period, Kos, and I don't doubt your word that there's a way to get text boxes (I fudged around using the blog) but that took some work and I never did find where to set my default to HTML code, rather than View.  As you can see from the large type I use, it's necessary for these old eyes to see what's she's typing. LOL  The Video part was a real deal-breaker for me, as I run a game site for geezers like myself of old TV and Movies.  You can understand the importance of videos in that kind of undertaking, I'm sure. We can agree to disagree and I'll keep my 2.0! 

          Do you happened to know who bought these platforms?  

          • They have not announced yet so I'm guess it's not completely closed yet.  30 day escrow?  Could be.

            • only one person I know who knew what NING was and stood for be nice if he got it back.. and without influence of the goldman sachs brain child who influenced the platform in more of a finance opportunity cloud for themselves..

  • I am confused why people keep calling this platform old.. as if is ancient.. quite happy with my 2.0 and 3.0 came out due to some wanting a newer model.. grant it are some server issues . and slows things down.. but I am not sure what it is people actually want for a site.. in the last weeks of looking at alternatives .. none were like NING.. and seemed not so organized as NING. I could agree that support could use an upgrade and NING presence in creators.. but for me that's it.. the more people ask for change in the more money NING has a right to ask for in the upgrades.. whatever they would be aside of support which is already owed and promised.. 2.0 I would figure lost some support presence and time due to the new 3.0 taking up all their time since it came out. but it is what it is....

    • I love my site just the way it is on the 2.0 platform.   I could agree that support could use an upgrade and NING presence in creators.. That is all I asked for with the three things I said I wanted.

      I did the 3.0 trial, I honestly did not like it.  I renew my annual payment in September every year.  Every year I speak with NING prior to that payment and ask if they will grant me the year without a price increase.  They have always said yes and always been true to their word.

      Keep the sites running, honor our paid contracts and communicate with us.  That should be easy with a customer service technical staff that cares.

  • Thank you Ning for hearing us!   

  • SIGH.... my site is down again...But good news! No price increase!... heavy sigh...



This reply was deleted.