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Price Increase Rollback

Since coming under new management, we’ve spent time reviewing all the feedback you’ve given us about the price increase here on Creators, in tickets, and in call notes.  We’ve heard you loud and clear!  So we’re pleased to announce that we are not proceeding with the increases for Ning Plus and Pro nor are we discontinuing grandfathered Ning Mini networks at this time.  

Instead of spending time working on the legwork leading up to a price increase, we’d rather get back to working on bug fixes and new features.  Please take a look at the FAQs below.  They should answer any questions you have about this, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you don’t see your question answered below.


I canceled my Ning Mini subscription in anticipation of the October 1st deadline.  Can I reactivate it?
Yes!  While we no longer offer new Ning Mini subscriptions, we’re happy to reinstate or create new subscriptions for Network Creators who canceled previously grandfathered plans.  Simply call our billing team or submit a ticket here to reactivate your network.

I was on Ning Pro but downgraded to Plus in anticipation of the increase deadline.  How do I upgrade back to Pro?
Simply give our billing team a call or submit a ticket from the Dashboard of your network to request plan change.  Once your request is processed, your plan change will take effect immediately.  A credit for the unused portion of your service term will be applied to the new invoice generated by the plan change.

I switched from monthly to annual billing in anticipation of the increase.  Can I go back to monthly billing before next year?
Yes!  While we don’t normally allow downgrades from annual to monthly billing before the end of the annual service term, we’re making an exception in this case.  If you submit your request to us to switch from annual back to monthly billing by November 1, 2016, we’ll change your plan from annual to monthly, effectively immediately once the plan change is processed.  You’ll be charged for annual service from the date of your previous plan change through the date your billing is changed and then from that date through then end of your next bill cycle for monthly service.

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    • We are still on the 2.0+ Pro plan - - had the same issue before but marked improvement in the past week - - see the comments here:

      • Thanks Kevin, I did check it out. I have less than 700 members on my site and have already deleted tons of stuff. Hopefully, we can can a more accurate number soon.

  • The usage monitor is way off, and I think it has a lot to do with Ning's use of API for images.  I requested a list of files and how to delete them, during my intent to downgrade and was told they cannot provide it.  It seems that all my images have a path of "" and I have a database full of them, since I've been running my site for 8 years.  When deleting video, music or user uploaded images, the monitor decreased.  When I deleted 100's of pages with image content, no change, as the images were still resident, evidenced by being able to re-post the code and the images would still appear.  

    • Thanks Cat, that makes sense. I use carbonite to back up my computer and even if I delete images off my computer they stay on carbonites servers.

      • The problem with Ning doing that (API server images) is that it's counted for your site's GB usage, whether or not you've deleted the image off your site, cuz it's no longer in use.  

        If we did that on our computers, everyone would have to have Petabyte or Exabyte hard drives to hold it all!

        • We had a code once to clean site cache.. now it seems to no longer work. wouldn't that remove the stagnet content deleted but 'not"? on the site it use to.. now I have ask NING to clear it.. just wondering if others are doing this too help.. like a browser clear cache rid old cookies, memory etc.. we usually do this after a huge delete or allot of activity usually every few months depending on action we took..

          • I would suggest for those that were never aware of this or simply forgot. to do a ticket asking them to clear site cache.. was a code once for manage tab but like I say doesn't seem to work now..

            • Thank you. I will do so.
              • one other thing we did notice is after we had them clear the site cache. site ran smoother which would make since like a browser gets lazy after so long.. lugged down with junk..

            • The Code to clear our site cache was disabled by Ning. They said it was a security issue,  and that it had to be disabled. I missed it very quickly when they disabled it because I used it to keep my sites running more smoothly and once it was rendered unusable, my sites slowed and stopped working as well.

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