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Product Plan Update

All of you have definitely seen Ning Q2 2017 Product Plan and discussed it extensively.

We hope you’ve been engaged and excited by the scope of changes and innovations we are going to implement this quarter. Our team is working strenuously on the introduction of new features and the improvement of current ones.

Time flies, and we are willing to share with you some updates on our product plan in general and some features in particular:

  1. Beta version of the much-anticipated Paid Access will be released at the end of June –beginning of July. You can get more details on the feature release here.
  2. We went into the fact that many of you voted in favor of Search option instead of Polls. So, here you are, and the Search options goes to you in June.
  3. The upgrade of Chats is scheduled for the first half of June. If you want to be the first in checking the upgrade of the option to the next level, frequent your dashboard.
  4. The Audio feature is under active development. Ning team would appreciate knowing your preliminary requirements on the functions. If you have any requests besides files download alone, please share them with us, and we’ll try to accommodate your interests.
  5. Full version of Member Ranking System will arrive a bit later. In order to offer you full-fledged capabilities instead of incomplete ones, we are developing analytics section. This tool is awaiting its release in June.
  6. As for Disc Usage, we’ve been monitoring your comments and have discovered points that require improvement. So, we are striving to facilitate correct and smooth flow of data records.

As you might have noticed, we do care a lot about the quality of our product and the experience our creators have with it.

You are more than welcome to contact us in regard to the abovementioned updates via email

We are grateful for your sticking with us, and promise to live up to your expectations!

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  • i hope we put Polls back on the table after this.

  • Having issues on Google Chrome that I am not having on Firefox. Can not chat in the main room on Chrome. There is no existing chat box within the expanded tab.

    • Hi there!

      We have just run the test and chat seems to be working fine. Please try clear cache and cookies and reload the page, after that it should be working like it should.

      Best regards,

      Ning team.

  • Any way we can add text such as 'Online Chat' on the chat bar on the bottom versus just a plain gray box? Also... the design/interface of the chat should be consistent. Is there a need for multiple, group chats? I do not believe so. Just more confusion and people do not use the chat as often as we would like. It should be as simple as possible. The old chat with the new features would be great. Thanks

    • The chat is similar to Facebook if your use to Facebook this chat is pretty much the same minus video chat and voice calling
      • The features are fine... its the interface and navigation. Too much clicking. Would be nice to see just a link to the main room and a list of people online. You think?

        • Hi there!

          I have posted your suggestion to change the layout of the chat and left the same functionality like photo/file sending etc. When there will the comment from management I'll share it with you straight away.


          Ning Team.

  • Great work! Keep it coming. is with you. You guys have done a great job with Ning. Thank you for the search bar. Also we need to fix the size for it on mobile phone. I am look forward to the paid feature as well.
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    • HI there!

      Thanks for your nice words! Couid you please attach the screenshot how the serach looks on you phone as when I have opened your network on mine it was fine.


      Ning Team.

      Brainwave Fusion: HipHop, Rap, Music Videos | Entertainment News
      Brainwave Fusion: HipHop, Rap, Music Videos | Entertainment News allow artists to upload, promote and share their music and videos online.> <meta na…
  • I would also like to suggest a links directory, or... page where members can add their website link, information, and logo.

    Thanks for an awesome product. Keep it going, please.

    I'm looking forward to the mobile app!

This reply was deleted.