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We are really happy to present a new integration option that can give you all the tools you need to build your best e-mail campaigns automations ever. Now, every Ning network creator can discover numerous benefits of MailChimp integration on Ning 3.0 platform!

This is a powerful resource that allows you to set up e-mail campaigns for different groups of users and involve them into your network activity.

Once you integrate your MailChimp account with your Ning network, you can manage three automated lists that will contain sorted e-mails of your network members: new, active, and inactive. These lists will update regularly on an immediate and daily basis.

The instruction on how to integrate the MailChimp account to your Ning network and how to create your first automated campaign is available here.

We will continue to improve this useful tool, that is why we are planning to add some more automated lists. We would appreciate if you vote for the lists that you need the most.

We hope you will like our new feature. We do our best to make networking on Ning easier and more effective.


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  • This is a helpful feature - however. Thinking about GDPR - if we (or a member) decides to leave the ning network, does it also delete their details from mailchimp?

    • Hello!

      Unfortunately not, our API does not transmit the information regarding the removed members. So they will not be excluded from the MailChimp lists automatically, but the Network Creator has the option to opt out certain members, as well as the recipients can always unsubscribe from the mailing lists. 

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

  • I found a temparary solution until the integration of groups is implemented seamlessly.

    Here is my explanation


    Ning 3.0 Group members CSV file
    I can't believe I am posting a tip/trick as if I am a web developer but here is something I think Creators will find useful. Soon Ning will solve thi…
  • I was wondering when will the implementation of having groups create a email list be completed.

    Is there capability for me to do this on my own? Can you direct me a little?

    • Hi there!

      I have been able to get a hold of the product manager responsible for this feature. According to her, this task isn't among those we have planned to accomplish in Q2 2018, but she will see what we can do in order to include in the Q3.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      • Also as an honorable mention Categories. If our Categories equal mailchimps groups/segments think of how we can get them to integrate.


      • That is very much appreciated. So for right now my only option is to manuelly put in?

        Can you speak to the team to have the CSV of  the groups exportable? I say this as I am close to having a group of people join my site and they will have their own group. So these are really their people. 

        • Hi there!

          I'll create the suggestion to add such functionality to our default pool of tools and let's what decision would be made by the management. I'll let you know what they have decided.

          Best regards,

          Ning team.


    • Hi there!

      I'll try to find out about the list that was presented here in the poll and get back to you with the results, unfortunately, the responsible person isn't in the office today.

      However, I can tell for sure that you are not able to make the network generate the list which is not presented among those three you can see.

      Apologies for any inconveniences.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • So, basically those on 2.0 is screwed because we are unable to migrate from 2.0 to 30, ok got it! Thanks.

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