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A Design Studio for member pages: Now Live

Update: This is now live!


I'm incredibly excited to report that we are putting the finishing touches on profile customization for the Ning Design Studio. We're looking to release it early next week.

Since launching the Design Studio in February, we've been working to revolutionize the way your members customize their pages. With this upcoming release, members can have as much flexibility over their pages as you do over your entire site:


What's really cool about this is that we're giving you control over exactly how much power your members have. The profile Design Studio has three panels: Theme (for picking a new theme), Customize (for customizing the theme), and Advanced (for adding CSS). It's up to you which of these panels to unlock for your members.

For example, Ning Creators who want their members to go wild will enable all three panels. Ning Creators who want a more unified-looking site will just enable the Customize panel (that's the default setting). You can change these settings any time on your Member Controls page in the Dashboard.

This kind of flexibility reflects the diversity of sites created on Ning. We can't wait to give your members the same creative control over their profiles that you've got on your site today.

Finally, along with profile page customization we'll be releasing a batch of fixes to the Design Studio. As we continue to zap any remaining bugs, we'll look to take the Ning Design Studio out of Ning Labs. This won't mean any changes to your site, it will simply mean that the Design Studio is no longer in beta. You can enable it directly from your Appearance page. Thanks!

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  • FYI: Since we have a new discussion about the Design Studio for members here, I will probably just close this older discussion.
  • I chose Beta and I am very happy with it thank you for this... I appreciate what you do.

    Blessings and love

  • My site members love it..nice to see them get off their butts and be creative!
  • i can honestly say that my site members are very happy with this..after the initial shock of a default design that is...lo
    • Glad to hear it!
  • Musekyto, it looks like you're on the Ning Mini plan. This feature is only available if you're on Plus or Pro.
  • Where is the panel to turn this on for my members?
    • Hi Musekyto, sorry for the confusion. Members of Mini networks have never been able to customize their profile pages.



    • You'll find this after enabling the Design Studio from the Ning Labs link in your dashboard. After the Design Studio is enabled and you have applied a theme to your network, these member options will appear on your dashboard under Members/Controls. You'll see a heading for "My Page Permissions."
  • Interesting, I wanted to use Ning Design Studio, but the left column wide, how do I change the size of that column when I use Ning Design Studio, to be like the old design, as I have advertising than 160 pixels wide and me would be the size of the previous design, there are some code?
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