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A Message from Our CEO

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every Network Creator for your continued support!  On behalf of the entire Ning Interactive team, I can tell you that we’re motivated and inspired by the communities you’ve created and are dedicated to helping you and your networks succeed. 

The past few years have been challenging, both to our employees and more so to you, our Network Creators, but I can confirm that’s all in the past now.  We’re committed to developing our people, strengthening our platform, and reopening the lines of communication while rebuilding our own community here on Creators.  We’re excited for the future and the opportunity to work with you, and we hope to exceed your expectations.

Since taking ownership of Ning Interactive Inc. on October 1, 2016, we have focused on stabilizing our environment and fixing old, outstanding bugs.  We canceled the rate increase that was scheduled to go into effect October 1st of last year and increased our billing and technical support hours to be 24/7.  We’re investing capital in infrastructure and human resources, all to ensure the success of our customers, platform, and scalability.

As we start a new year, we’re shifting our focus to features, functionality, and customer transparency.  Below is a list of some (but by no means all) of our Ning 3.0, Q1 objectives for 2017:

  • Add Features: Events, Search, Chat, and Paid Access
  • Restart 2.0 to 3.0 migrations
  • Establish a new NC Council to participate in the creation of a new Product Roadmap
  • Successful implementation of at least two customer-driven features
  • Weekly status updates here on Creators

As CEO, I want to hear directly from you how we’re doing in the following areas:

  • Customer Support:  Are we doing better or worse? What aren’t we doing that you would like to see?
  • Transparency & Communication:  Are we communicating as much as you’d like?  What else would you like to hear from us?
  • Existing Features & Functionality:  Issues you’ve encountered using them, how they can be improved, etc.
  • Ning Network Design Tools:  What tools can be improved? What additional tools are needed?

If there is anything that we can do to improve our service to you, I will listen.  Send your feedback to, and please be sure and include your network’s URL in your message.   I look forward to hearing from you!

Our developers also want to hear your perspective on which features and functionalities you find useful or would like to see in the future.  We'll monitor your feedback for future consideration, using it to fine tune improvements to existing features and new features added to the Product Roadmap.  In some cases, we may respond directly for further clarification.  Message, including your network’s URL, to share your insights with the team. 

In closing, we have much work ahead of us, not the least of which includes earning back your trust. However, with a new team and renewed focus, coupled with your restored trust and partnership, we’re energized to make 2017 our best year yet!

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  • Get to know JFarrow if you're like me and hoping to stay with Ning. He's AMAZING!

    We were discussing my 2.0 and hopefully upcoming 3.0 sites, and he solved the main part of the speed problem I was having—one that Ning and I had been working on since last May to no avail: he saw that when they migrated my 2.0 site to 3.0, they migrated the 2.0 custom code. They're completely different platforms and products. The difference is remarkable.

    Then, when I told him that my 3.0 was far slower on Chrome than on Safari and Firefox...he told me how to fix that!

    All JFarrow has to do now is show me how to get Ning's CEO stop hiding from us and all my problems are solved!

    Thank you JFarrow!

  • Interesting about migration- something we may investigate further.  On a different note- I don't care about the CEO or who he/she is providing we have reassurance that all member data is secure and does not "wander" to any other entity and that the platform is not aligned with any nefarious groups/people/governments/entities.  NING has been a great way to develop a site and engage members- my disappointment was the static nature of the platform for the past couple of years and no clearly defined goal as to where the platform was aiming. Hopefully that will change.

  • My last remaining Ning site,, will be 11 years old on 9 March 2019. Thus, as someone who's spent more than a decade on Ning since having had full confidence in Ning because Marc Andreessen and Gina Bianchini founded and lead it, it's beyond heartbreaking to see a platform with such inordinate promise become such a dramatically weaker version of itself.

    Ning has not grown.

    Because of its seeming disinterest in attending to its technology, Ning has stifled the ability of many of its members to grow their sites and their businesses which have been so heavily dependant on Ning.

    Ning's responses to at least a dozen of my private emails to them have been beyond disappointing, beyond baffling.

    They have been almost jaundiced in their level of disrespectful disinterest.

    (Ning's lackadaisical technical support affects the thousands of members I created on Ning over the past 11 years. Because Ning, for months, has shown that I'm at 102% storage, I started to remove old content. I even started to remove old members. But, no matter how many inactive members I removed, that 102% storage usage would not move. Add to that code spillover on thousands of pages of content which was dear to me, and I've been forced to lessen my commitment to being on Ning. (I'm loyal, to a fault. But loyalty to a non-loyal company is simply ridiculous and non-justifiable )

    I cannot re-read those email exchanges without my blood boiling.

    Further, that the former CEO would write this letter of encouragement to Ning Creators and almost immediately abandon all of us was the highest kind of insult.

    The highest insult is our now being told that we cannot even have the name of Ning's current CEO.

    This is beyond being unacceptable.

    This is appalling.

    We helped build Ning.

    We helped market Ning.

    We're losing value because of Ning...

    If Ning had a soul, it should feel embarrassed at the way it's being perceived by its remaining members.

    I intend to not remain a member much longer... and certainly will not renew ... without a new Ning CEO introducing themselves to us...

    Vincent Wright



  • Nobody knows who exactly owns/runs Ning anymore.  They won't tell us.  A small group of people in the Ukraine, as far as we've been able to figure out.  Seems pretty wacky to me that no one is allowed to know who really owns Ning now, since hundreds of people are sending them money every month through their bank accounts and credit cards.

    But Bryce Rubio, who started this thread in Jan 2017, and his company are no longer associated with ning, I can say that much.  Ning has been sold at least twice since it was owned by GLAM/ModeMedia.

  • Jaja- it's a dead platform as far as I can progess being made anywhere on any front and if you are a poor slob with a 2.0 site like ours you're essentially at a stand still... I've got service tickets in litterally for a couple of years with no resolution.....

    • NC for Hire

      send a message to    I have to say I am almost finished with my migration and it has been a much more enjoyable experience than I previously anticipated... when its over im gonna make a post with some tips for a smooth migration..

      • The Ning customer service staff is THE BEST. They are responsive, pleasant, and willing to help.We've been working on my migration for a while. We've had to work out some issues due to the site size: we have some discussions 300-500 pages long and filled with images, and with groups.

        My main concern regarding finishing tte 3.0 site and going live is site speed. They've been working on it and it's definitely better, but it's still significantly slower than 2.0.

        How is it for you, JFarrow?

        BTW, I sent you a friend request and just saw that you accepted it. I didn't get a notification email like I would on my Ning 2 site, sorry. I was waiting for that. I'll contact you later today.

    • NC for Hire

      not a dead platform.....what exactly are you having trouble with....  i am migrating my 2.0 to 3.0... have you set up your sandbox and requested to migrate?


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