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Activity Feed Roundup!

Hi all, with 60+ (!) pages of comments on our thread about the Activity Feed release, I know it can be tough for Creators to keep track of the latest news. So I wanted to send around this roundup.


Did you know:

As a Ning Creator, you have the ability to control what displays in the Latest Activity module. Don't want to show profile comments? Don't want the Status box? That's your call. To change the settings, just click "Edit" on the Activity module, and then click "Set what activity gets displayed."

Top bug reports:

Some reports of the Like Button flickering on hover in the Activity Feed.
This is now fixed!

Some reports of improper formatting on Blog & Forum Modules.
We're on it, look for a fix next week!

Comments on private profiles are visible on the Main Page.
We're on it, look for a fix next week!

Some reports of inconsistent font sizes on the Main Page.
We're investigating!

Top feature requests:

  • We've heard the request for more control over how much text displays in the Activity Feed. We'll have an update about this soon!
  • We also want to continue to strengthen the Activity Feed module. Our next step is to integrate the super-useful but rarely-used Quick Add dropdown into the Activity Feed, so members can add content like photos or blog posts directly from the Main Page. 
  • Finally, we want to make the Status feature better by introducing notifications on comments, now that you're able to comment on Statuses. We're still figuring out the best experience here.

We'll have more updates in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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  • Hello i still get big fonts on activity feeds for highlighted items can Ning fix this
  • Just wanted to let everyone in this discussion know about some improvements that we promised for this week to the Activity Feed. They're now live. You can read all about it here.
    • Great stuff looks terrific!
  • This reply was deleted.
    • What? Damn, I'd better check the fixes I already had in place, see if they're conflicting. When was this pushed out, and how did I miss the notification?
  • We've heard the request for more control over how much text displays in the Activity Feed. We'll have an update about this soon!
    Thank you for listening to your NC's about this.  Right now I have my activity feed stripped down to the bare minimum because I can't stand the look of long, trailing activity feeds that are completely out of balance with the rest of the main page.
  • hi, its a good job, but it does not completely satisfied me, firstly, when someone comment or like a status, and when another one like or comment it, or if i add a status and someone else comment it, i dont receive any notification and when new activity appears on the activity feed, we lost the status...


    secondly, when a video is on the activity feed on the home page, and when someone view it, the counter on the video page does not count this view, its the same for embed videos... and we lose video views... people ask me sometime why our videos got so little views as many people watch it, the problem is that they watch it outside my website most of the time...


    thanks, and hope to have this feature soon, as the pricing is getting higher... ;0

  • Are links not auto-parsed in comments on statuses?
  • Will the Activity Feed's RSS counterpart ever get back its "content"?

    I don't like how its RSS items's description field just mimics the title field,

    with absolutely none of the content my members posted (Replies, in particular).

    Happily, content is coming through with new Discussions, Status posts, etc.

    I'm about to begin reading the previous 14 pages of replies, but just had to ask.

    Whether we can get granular control over what the RSS feed generates is another question for later.


  • Wanted to update everyone about the Activity Feed. I just attended a demo of some changes that I think many of you will be happy to hear: 

    - Fixes to a few text-size inconsistencies reported here by NCs (thank you for the reports!)

    - Controls that allow you to adjust the size of the excerpt/preview in the Activity Feed.

    - Ability to show titles only in the Activity Feed. 

    I am told these will be live next week (probably earlier than later in the week), and I'll update here when that has happened. I will also update when I have more info about additional changes (Quick Add in the Activity Feed, et. al.).

    Thanks, everyone, for your reports and feedback.

    • Thank you for the update, it is great news. Can't wait... thanks for helping us!
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