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Audio feature

Greeting to all of you who are constantly using our Creators site!

Here comes the big surprise that was recently mentioned by our team.
We're extremely excited to announce one of our most wanted Audio feature for 3.0 users. As of now you can share audio tracks with your members, upload audio lessons and podcasts, create playlists and make necessary organizational changes of the content on your network. It should assist you to popularize your site and to attract brand new audience. Please check our article here on how to work with this feature.

Best regards,
Ning Team.

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  • Kyryl on the audio page ... you can not add anything to a cover image or any content like in other pages ♧♡♤
    • Hi Manuel,

      Yes that's right, as It's basicaly the page with the player only.

      Let's imagine you have more than 50 songs in one playlist, if you reduce the place for them with the other modules, the list wouldn't look really good, also such approach grants good look for the music page on the mobile devices.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team. 

  • Please change the link "Music" to "Audio."

    Some of us have members that would like to upload audio other than music... such as radio shows and interviews.

    I would appreciate this very much.

    Thank you.

    • Hi, you can easily change the links to what you want in the page via site&pages. Also you can change anything that mentions music to Audio other than the page changes mentioned by going to the language editor, search Music then replace with Audio ( don't forget to save the page )

  • Is it possible to add a "Who Can View" to the audio page (as it is with other pages)? Want to be able to create one page with snippets of songs for site members to view (and listen to), and another page for only members of that page to view (and be able to listen to the full song). This will make it easier to create a subscription page for the member only section. 

    • Hi there!

      Unfortunately, there is no such setting for the music page and I don't know whether it's not available on purpose or not. I'll create the suggestion to add such functionality and when the management would let me know about their decision or would provide any information regarding this suggestion I'll let everybody know here on creators.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      • Thanks for the response Kyryl. Mich appreciated. I hope this is something they do introduce. Does anyone know of a script that can hide a page and make it viewable only to group members?
        • Hi Henry,

          Well, such script could be created, but it has several cons. If you have the group with a large number of members maybe around 5-10k it would be working slowly, and the other one is that it would be necessary to update the list of group members manually that would be used to see whether the page should be presented to the member or not.

          If you really need this and you are ok with the cons I have mentioned, I can try to create the script for you and post it here on creators when I'll have some free time :-)

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

          • Thanks for the offer, and letting me know the cons. I'll seek another alternative for now, and hope Ning will add this at a later date.
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