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Happy St. Valentines Day!

Happy St. Valentines Day!

As always, this day is full of love. But love can be shared not only between couples, you can show love to your family, friends and communities, of course! And we at NING decided to make this Wednesday special and full of warmth.

That’s why we want to make a confession - we love every our creator. And there are several reasons for this:
- with you we become better every day - we read and listen what you say and try to make our platform perfect for you;
- we learn on our mistakes, laugh and get inspired - we thank you for telling us when we are wrong and inspiring us with your networks to move forward every day;
- we know how diverse our world is - looking at networks created with NING, we see how different our world is and how many various interests people have;
- we make friends - we speak with you in social networks, blogs, creators network and many of you have become real friends for us. Especially for Kyryl :) ;
- we learn what a real community is - we are happy to see how you help each other and share tips. This gives a real community feeling!

And we will be really happy to hear back what you feel! Or make confession to anyone, if you want!

By the way, if your network is about love – today is a perfect day to promote it here in comments!

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  • Yo a mis años complacida con la vida y mi entorno ..entiendo que tenemos lo que Buscamos .

    .por mi parte tener esta red ha sido mi complemento ideal en este hermoso otoño de mi vida 

    me he unido con otoñales maravillosos que expresamos sentimientos a traves de la poesia y relatos 

     gracias NING...mi agradesimiento.. esto es amor al mundo

    por eso tienen el mejor grupo de asistentes  lo bueno siempre atrae lo bueno

    muchas Bendiciones a todos ..todos

  • I just want to say a thanks to the Ning team - we have seen SUCH a positive change over the last few months in response time if we have an issue, support, and forum uptime.   This change has kept us on board with Ning.  Happy Valentine's Day!

    • Thank you, Michelle! Wish you lots of love in your life! We are always here to help you and discuss something interesting :)

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