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Today we're pleased to release a set of improvements to the Activity Feed feature on Ning 3.0 networks.

The updated Activity Feed allows members to view older items in the feed, and to view new items that have appeared since they loaded the page.

We've expanded the capabilities of Social Feeds so that you can have items automatically added to the Activity Feed via RSS and Twitter.

We've added a status feature, so that your members can leave status updates in the feed, and we've added link parsing for status updates, so that if a member adds a link, for example, to YouTube, the video is embedded and playable directly in the feed. Link parsing and embedding works with a wide variety of sites, including: YouTube, Dailymotion, Vine, Flickr video, Twitter, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. We'll also provide a preview of content for any link to a site that supports the OpenGraph standard.

With this release, members can also comment on status updates and individual photos directly in the feed.

In order to see and activate the new options that are available for the Activity Feed, head to the Activity Feed Settings page in the Social Site Manager.

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  • Wait, THIS was their big update after a year of no contact?

  • hello dear sir 

    sir 2 features are required on immediate bases in ning 3.0 because due to these 2 features my site value going down day by day.

    1:- chat

    2:- moderation roles for members

    please add these 2 features on immediate bases in ning 3.0


  • When.....oh, when...will Comments posted on Group Comment Walls in Ning 3 feed through to the Latest Activity Feed? Pleeeeeaaaaase Ning, it would be so nice if even this one little thing could happen? Remember what I said AGES ago about monitoring site content for the purposes of fulfilling our end of the bargain with Nings rules and regulations? How impossible it really is if material can be persistently posted below the radar? The only advantage to this delay in this specific improvement to the Activity Feed shenanigans is that I am developing ''saint-like'' patience and will probably enter Heaven :) The crazy thing is that BEFORE the last ''improvement'' (more than 12 months ago) Comments on Group Comment Walls WERE feeding through to the Activity Feed. And then they ...stopped :(


    Besides that everything is bearable :)

  • My membership is an older group and they are content with NING 2.0.  We have had no problems at all so far.  And trust me, I have looked at many options.

    • Yeah Ning 2.0 was great! Ning 3.0 however is very different. We have a lot to complain about. Would be great if we could all go back to 2.0 but there was no option to join with it :(

  • Happy birthday a year without update on Ning! A year being made of clowns!!!

    • Speak for yourself ... I'm quite content. I guess it's time to move on (from this topic). Take good care.

      • And who told you that I spoke to you? you are happy with the whole situation on Ning? good for you!!! Because I'm tired of waiting for something to happen and I'm not even there to what you think!!! Not you, which has a network with more than 26,000 members languishing because anything new happens on this platform, from July 30, 2014. This is a long time, right?

  • NC for Hire


    Just a little update about this whole "Ning hasn't provided an update in a year or over a year". It's not entirely true. When a Ning Customer asked about no updates in "over a year" ( when it was actually about to become a year) Ning replied. So see this is sort of an update. (image below) (Prepare for the sarcasm. Wait for it.). They did provide an update. They provided an update on Facebook which just goes to show you that if you want run a social network your best option is to just open up a Facebook Page and respond to users on there not on a Ning 3.0 network like this one that was abandoned shortly after it was created.

    I know some of you are going "Dammmmn! why did you have to do em like that?". I'm sorry but that's what happened. Don't be mad at me. Why don't you ask them why they abandoned a platform they are charging you for and using a Facebook page instead.

    However, here's Ning 3.0 tip. If you are going to ask them whatever you do don't do it here. Use Facebook. They seem to prefer that. I imagine Ning Creators Network is feeling a little like Meek Mill now.


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