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Introducing Multiple Page Contributors

Since we we added member categories to page permissions, we’ve gotten requests to add the ability to set more than one member category as a page contributor.  Now, by popular demand, you can set up multiple page contributors!

You can set this up in Social Site Manager > Site & Pages.  After selecting the feature you’d like to enable this on, scroll down to the General section in the page settings.  In the “Who can contribute” field, hold down Command on a Mac or Control on a PC and select the types of members you’d like to be able to contribute to this feature instance.

Once you’ve saved your settings, only members in the selected categories will be able to add content to this feature instance.  

This functionality isn’t limited only to multiple member categories.  You can also select “Administrators” or “Featured Members” in addition to a member category, or skip the member categories altogether and just select “Administrators” and “Featured Members”.

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  • Has this also changed Community Admins having global access to all groups with ability to contribute discussions if set to 'admins' only?

    Our community admins have been able to add discussions in private groups since the dawn of Ning 3.0 but now if the forum is set to only 'admins' then it is only specific group admins who get this ability - it means general community admin now need to be added to each group and made an admin.

    Can we have global admin rights back please or another category 'Administrators / Group Administrators'

    Hope this makes sense and I'll pop a ticket through as it's clear this is just a publication space for new owners and not a two way comms space.

    Any progress is better than no progress 

  • When we'll have news abou NING future? ning 2.0, product roadmap 3.0 Thanks.

  • This is not an option that I would use, BUT I would just like to say that of late the platform improvements and the response to 500 error messages (as per facebook complaints) has been really good. The sites work really nicely, compared to the awful glitches of the past few months, and thank you to the new owners for general overall improvements. I have not been getting replies to a couple of support tickets in the last week, but maybe this will kick in soon :) In general therefore - THANKS!

    • Anam - I wonder if personnel are changing.  If Friday's down time was a result of the East coast DDoS, then they could be located in the East and change in personnel (from coast to coast) could explain why tickets are not being responded to (?)  Just thinking

      • hmmm maybe. I was thinking change in personnel too, I am not worrying too much about it, though i would,like my support issues to be tackledof course, though at the moment I am pleased and relieved  that when I click ''post'' it posts, when I click ''comment'' it comments, and when I update from dashboard I don't get those horribly worrisome error messages that plagued me (all of us) for weeks. Your thoughts could be on the ball, though, Maybe there is a big personnel shift...and then the widespread DDoS attacks...time will tell.

  • Sorry, but I'm completely disappointed by the lack of communication from the new owners of Ning. They have had weeks now to spend but a few moments filling in ning site owners. Not bothering to give thousands of customers any details at all concerning the new owners or their intentions and plans demonstrates a lack of respect and does nothing to reassure us about the future or stability of the platform we've invested in. Silence speaks volumes.

    In my opinion, customer communication and support is more important than fixing some minor setting or feature while still stonewalling customers on basic and important issues that effect us. Zero communication with customers, and regular intermittent 500 errors for ning sites across the board continue as before, week after week. Not impressed.  As for me, I'll be moving forward with my plan to migrate my sites and my content to Jamroom- I find their platform to be complete, well serviced and updated... and their personalized 24/7 customer support is simply THE best out there, bar none.  No comparison. Frankly, I'd feel like a fool continuing to allow Ning access to my wallet when my sites are inaccessible to me and my members so often.

  • This is indeed great news. How about you also fix the 500 errors that are continuing to plague my community site while you're at it?

    100% agree with Kos - What's the point in introducing 'new' features when people can't access the site to use them!

  • I'd  like to say "cool!" if it weren't for my site going down TEN times overnight.  Members and visitors will not return if our sites are down and what's the point in trying to post something with the possibility of the server going down?  This has been an ongoing problem the last few months and clearly it hasn't been properly addressed.  Your #1 priority has to be to get your servers up to a dependable level.  Who's going to visit or "post" with your categories if the site is continually down................

    • Twitter was down today 

This reply was deleted.

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