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Introducing Welcome Message Editing

Hi All,

A number of you had reported difficulties using the language editor to edit the message that's sent to new members when they join. Today we're releasing a new option to better manage and edit these messages.

You can find this new control at Member Management > Message Templates

By default, messages are sent out in plaintext. That means that they don't have any html formatting, they can be read by all mail clients, and they are less likely to get caught in spam filters. Once you've chosen to customize a message, you have a new option of sending messages out in HTML + plaintext; in this mode, an email is sent out with two parts, one in HTML and the other in plaintext. If an email client can render HTML, then your members will see the HTML version. If their email client doesn't understand HTML, then they'll see the plaintext version.

We've also provided some text substitutions, so that you can include things like in your email and have it auto-populate in the email with each member's name.

Right now there are two message templates available; the Welcome message that's sent to new members when they join, and the Accepted message that's sent to members who have had their pending membership approved. Over time we'll be making more of your network's outgoing messages directly editable. Let us know which ones are important to you.

A couple of other goodies in this release:

Photos: we've made category assignment when uploading photos more flexible. Previously when a group of photos were uploaded, a member could only select categories to apply to the entire batch. With this release, categories can be set per photo.

Bugs: we fixed a problem that was causing network-generated RSS feeds to validate. We also fixed an issue with profiles not saving correctly when a network didn't ask members for their birthdate.

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  • Im sorry but Im not seeing message templates on my network

    Can someone please let me know. Member Management only lists the members with no message template option. Am I missing it or am I crazy?!?!?


    • Guys the message templates are only available in 3.0.  Not 2.0 sites.  Sorry.  They're not attributing resources to updating 2.0 since it's being replaced by the new platform.

  • Greetings, I am super excited to see this.  However, I am lost about something.  I do not seem to have this option at the file path described above.  I have attached an image of my options.  Please tell me if I am overlooking something :)


    • Same here Michael.
  • NC for Hire

    Hey Phil,
    is there a way to auto send a message to members who's membership has been declined such as...

    We're sorry but your membership has been declined, most likely due to one of the following reasons:
    You Did not answer the questions in an intellegible manner
    Your Answers did not match the criteria for membership in this network
    Your profile photo is one that is commonly associated with spam.
    The email you provided is suspicious...etc.

    • +1

    • That was weird...I was just thinking the same thing. +1

  • Fantastic guys- thanks so much for fixing this much needed feature.


  • 3225858?profile=original


  • so nice!!

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