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Are you thinking about making the plunge from Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0, but want to know what’s in store before committing to migration? Join one of our migration guides, Juliet, for a migration webinar! There, you’ll get to see a 2.0 to 3.0 migration in action, through a live demo migration.

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at what migration actually looks like. We’ll walk you through everything from requesting a migration, to landing on your 3.0 Site & Pages Manager, to building an amazing Ning 3.0 Network.

We’ll also take some time at the end to answer your questions related to the migration process and how you can prepare for a successful upgrade.

Thursday, May 1 at 9am PDT

(find your local time here)

Can't make it May 1st? Not to worry: we'll be recording this webinar and releasing the video afterwards. 

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  • Sooo glad I never did the migration! 

    I went with  George H. Compton IV 2.0 responsive design instead. So much better and I never had to lose some of the main Ning features. 

  • Just so folks won't be confused:  This would be May1st ....of 2014.


      I think maybe it was made in somebody's basement. lol

      Gets more and more "huh?" as it progresses through the second half.   =8-o

      • At least someone cared enough to make this back in the day!

        • True.  It's now a film 'cult classic'.

    • NC for Hire

      nice one

  • Is there a cost to moving to 3.0? If so how much? 

  • all this is nice , but all I wont to have and continue using is my classic platform ,

    if they could not set up a great looking and selling site with classic sites ,

    no mater what you do wont make them any smarter or make things sell better,

    its how you feature your self and co. extra fancy things or just unneeded toys ...

    .... Hippy ..... And Hippys Themes input shared freely ....

  • NC for Hire

    when will the recorded version be live?

This reply was deleted.

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