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Monetization with Ning Group

Dear Network Creators!

We know that you are working hard on your network and with your community. And your efforts should be rewarded. That is why we have launched monetization feature. We also want to show you various ways how you can monetize your content. So we decided to create a group about Monetization 

Why will it be useful for you? Here you can ask any questions about Monetization and we will share tips how to monetize your network in the most effective way. You can ask questions and get answers from members who have already tried this feature. And, also, you can ask our support team how to set up paywalls or any other questions.

For example, there is already a post about different ways how you can start earning money with your network

Don't hesitate - join the group and start using Monetization feature!

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  • Instead can we allow our group creators to monitize themself for their own earning of their own traffice created by using the group html and inserting their own add code? Since i am not really looking for earning out of my member generated traffic. Since my earning mode will be via paid sponsors for site. thanks!

    • Hi there!

      Sorry, there is no way to make this process completely automatic using our platform. However, if you wish and if you have time, you can collect the money each time for the membership in groups and transfer the earnings to the accounts of the group creators. Only in such way, something that you are asking about could be done.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.


  • Hola, se me ha ocurrido una idea ¿Se puede poner un tiempo para que las personas vean un grupo abierto y después de ese tiempo se cierre? Ejemplo: 10 minutos acceden directamente sin que aparezca el botón de suscripción y después aparece el botón y se tienen que suscribir

    • Hi there!

      There is a possibility to create a trial package with the minimum duration of one hour. At the end of the trial period, the member would be redirected to the payment page with the offer to purchase one of the paid packages. the trial could be used by the member only once per paywall.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Kyryl just an observer here but depending on the site, I think one or two "minutes" would be far more desirable over one "hour".  I can imagine the stolen data............and I cringe.  I'd prefer to give them a moment or two to browse and be enticed then the sign-up warning pop up.  Again, all depends on what's inside the Group or forum.


        • Hi there!

          Several minutes could be a really short period to check the content of the group, stolen data always would be an issue, if it could be resold the absence of the trial period also won't be an issue for the criminals. So such a short period would in most cases be causing only inconveniences for the genuine users of your network, that's why one hour has been chosen as the minimum period available, however, we still think that it's too short.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

  • Hello, anyone in the house? Pls I need to know how to monetize my site.

This reply was deleted.

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