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More styling in the Design Studio

I'm excited to let you all know that today we're adding some new functionality to the Design Studio in Ning 3.0 networks:


If you head to the Design Studion you'll find a new sub-tab named Effects. Here you'll find exciting new design options for Network Creators who aren't CSS wizards.


Rounded Corners

These hot new sliders enable you to quickly and easily add rounded corners to the inner and outer canvas of your network. Moving from sharp to round you'll notice the changes in the example to the left as well as in Live Preview on your network below. 

Important note: Be aware that your network may not have a color set for the outer canvas, so make sure you head to the Color section of the Design Studio if you aren't seeing any rounded corners.


In addition to this, we've added the ability to round profile pictures. We made sure to test this out with badges...and they look really good.


Account bar scrolling

By default, the Account bar sits at the very top of the page and disappears as you start to scroll down the page. Now you can check a box and have the Account bar stay glued to the top of the browser. This will be useful as we add functionality to the Account bar.


 We also snuck in a couple of extras! 

  • Titles are now optional on Ning 3.0 pages
  • Bug Fix Images in blog posts now display in Custom Page modules
  • Bug Fix Members are unable to updated profile question answers if gender and/or location are required
  • Bug Fix Ning 2.0: Unable to add or change profile questions in Firefox

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  • Hi, Can you please tell me how to target the first page of my site with CSS? I just want to target the first page not all the child pages associated with it. I already tried giving the page a unique name but that name is passed to its children. Basically, I want to use CSS to show sidebar items only on the first/home page. The easy way to do this (on non-ning sites) is to use CSS Specificity. Set CSS to "display:none" and "visibility:hidden" for the entire site - then override that CSS by targeting just the home page. Specificity will override the display:none and turn the visibilty on using display:block and visibility:visible.

    Now, I know I can set up a custom page and put a blog box in there and refer back to my master blog page but this custom blog box has a  limit of "10 blog posts". That won't do. Also, it's a terrible fix. At the bottom of the custom blog box it says "see all posts" not "page 2" as you might expect. Clicking "see all" takes you to the master blog page where you once again see the first 10 posts. You then need to scroll to the bottom of this second page to go to page 2. This is way too confusing and time-consuming.

    So, I'd prefer a way just to target the first page of my site. Could you guys add a unique class name to the first page of our Ning Sites please. This would really help some of us. Makes it really easy to target just this first page. It would really only take a second for you guys to add this...

    <body class="page-home first-page">

    The "page-home" is what Ning already populates. But, as I said this targets all child pages based on the Master Page. The "first-page" class would allow us to only target our very first page. I know there must be a ton of people who also want to show/hide things only on their first page.

  • Can you guys allow us to filter the activity box by category - it makes more sense. I'm setting up my blogs to show only comments. This allows members to see only comments inside a specific category. See my pic below.


    • We plan to add more power to the Activity feature in the future.

      • Thanks Alex, that would be awesome! Personally I only use the activity feed to display "recent comments". I'd love it if you could filter those comments to only show what's inside a specific category. Right now, regardless of what Blog category you visit the activity feed grabs events site-wide.

      • Great to hear!  Thank you for the heads up Alex

        • It sure is great to hear. The activity feed can be hard to follow sometimes since it includes site-wide activity.

          Imagine how much more engaging it would be for a user who enters a specific Blog Category to only see activity from that specific category. This would mean the user won't have to do any visual filtering with their eyes by reading irrelevant posts.

    • You can create an activity stream from any blog or forum.  When you add a content box, instead of "HTML" hit the dropdown and select the blog you wish to highlight.  Then *that* blogs feed will appear where you place that content an RSS feed.  Here's an example (click to enlarge).  Sadly we cannot "combine" several into one but once launched, I plan on grabbing a few RSS feeds and combining them into one either via a Ning RSS box for external feeds or by creating a widget.


      • Thanks for the reply Kos. But, that is only good for grabbing the entire blog post - not for the comments/like/shares people place inside those catagories.

        The behavior I'm looking for will show only activity inside a specific category. For example you could select to show only when someone clicked the "like" button in your activity stream. right now, this would grab "likes" posted site wide. I want the ability to filter by category. So for example, if someone visits my Techniques Blog, the side bar activity feed will only show when someone clicked like on a post inside the Techniques Blog.

      • That's a great set-up in the meantime, Kos.

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      • This reply was deleted.
        • Apologies for not pointing that out in the initial post. I've clarified that now and will make sure we point this out in future release posts.


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