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Network Accessibility Update II

It appears Tuesday’s changes had a positive impact on system availability and a significant reduction in 500 error’s.  From here on out, we'll be cleaning out the backlog of reported bugs.  Once caught up, we will address missing functionality in Ning 3.0, release new features, and restart the Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0 migration process.  Please stay tuned for further updates!

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  • Mi red no funciona...

    500: Unexpected Error

    Please try reloading the page or hitting the browser's Back button to return to where you came from.

  • I do NOT wish to migrate to Ning 3.  It does not have the features I need.

    • Hey Cindy, you won't be forced to migrate your network, we will just be able to process migrations again for those that are wanting that for their networks. Before we open up migrations again, we will also make sure that we have released more features first. Stay tuned! 

      • Woohoo!  Thank you Ning Team!

    • I agree! Tried 3 when looking to downgrade and it's just awful.  

  • Wow that is great news!  I cant wait for my site to be optimized for all devices.

  • NC for Hire

    Excellent news! Thanks for the update.

  • Not looking forward to a migration from 2.0 to 3.0. Would like to keep the music player and video feature...
    • Hey there,

      At this time we aren't requiring or forcing the migration from 2.0 to the 3.0 platform and don't plan on discontinuing our support of the
      2.0 platform.


      I had to ask to be sure ....

This reply was deleted.

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