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New: Find out the date of each member last visit

We've heard a lot of requests for Network Creators to have more visibility into what their members are doing on your Ning Network. We've launched the Leaderboards feature and the new Dashboard to try to provide just this type of insight. 

However, there was a simple piece missing — knowing when the last time was that each member visited your Ning Network. We're happy to announce that ends today! 

Shortly, you'll be able to see a new column in your members spreadsheet that records the most recent activity (for instructions on how to export your list of members to a spreadsheet, read this document). Next to each member's name, you'll see the last date that they visited your Ning Network. This data is updated only once every 24 hours, so it could take up to a day to show a recently visited member's new date.

This isn't retroactive, so dates will only be displayed for members who visit from this point forward. The remainder will be blank. However, as weeks and months go by, this should provide you great insight into who's visiting, especially those members that are visiting without participating. It should also give you a new way to target inactive members and encourage them to come back.

We're exploring adding this date to profile pages as well, and we'd love your feedback on that.

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  • any news regarding - adding last visit and the joined date on the members profiles? (Optional)

    • No news at this point, Joe. 

  • This is what we really want:

    3204564?profile=originalThat is from my Geeks profile:

  • Bug report on this one: Members who are active in a private area of the website, such as a private group, will not have their "last visited date" updated.

    I have seen this on my own website where some people are pretty active in private groups, but have no value at all for last visited date (which indicated that they have not visited at all after this function was implemented in August 2011). But they have been busy during all autumn and this winter in fact.

    • With "pretty active" I mean they have posted in discussion forums in a private group.

    • @Bruce So this means that you can not delete old members just because you want to trim your members based on this. If they are active in private sections the date will not update.

  • OMG ... there really IS a God!  For the past seven years I have been begging Ning and praying for just this sort of Ap for our profile pages.  Too many times people leave a network and fail to take out their :trash: (delete their account) before they leave.  I ca;; these pages "dead wood" and are a total nuisance to a site.

    Not only do they consume bandwidth, but also make the site appear UN-sociable to new members!  New people join, browse the membership and if they find profiles that interest them and decide to make friends, the click on the "Add as Friend" button ... then wait weeks or months ... with NO response from the DEAD profile.  I have had several members express concerns to me that my network "... does not seem to be a friendly place"!!

    I can not wait to have this feature implemented.  I would rather have 2,000 active members than 30,000 dead ones.   We have tried to guess who is active and who is not ... not a good idea when you suspend an active member by mistake.  Our TOS states that members must sign in at least ONCE every 90 days to keep their account.  I do not think 3 times a year is asking too much.  It would be truly awesome if the A[ was self-reporting whereby the Creator could select the duration (1, 3, 6 months or a year) and the Ap would report any members who have gone over the pre-selected limit.  This would save weks of work for me and my Admins in having to go through thousands of profiles looking for the few bad ones!

    Wet Sensations  a/k/a Bruce

  • Yes please add to Profile pages.

  • +1

  • Excellent to know (I love searching the Ning Help and Creators Ning forums)



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