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April 8

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I was a longtime Ning member and Creators Ning member with a 1000+ member English language learning site. We switched to JamRoom (loved them) after the horrendous years of no-service and price increase announcement, but then for health and other reasons, the business and site was forced to shut down. Ning recently sent me an offer I accepted... cheap price for 6 months. This time around, the Ning site I'm toying with is a language learning community, but on a much smaller scale, no longer anticipated as a business, but a volunteer service. I'm not sure I'll stay, but am willing to spend a few months 'playing' at creating something I _might_ be willing to continue with.

Holly Dilatush replied to Seth Regan's discussion
Latest Activity Feed...
"Thank you.
I'm still confused because the settings were not reflective of what's been showing in the activity stream.  However, I reset them just now and will watch and see what appears in coming days.
Thank you,
Feb 7, 2019
Holly Dilatush replied to Seth Regan's discussion
Latest Activity Feed...
"Hello all, 
I have  Ning 3.0 and cannot find today where / how to adjust what shows in activity stream... as of about two to three weeks ago, more items are appearing (such as member X is now friends with member Y, member X updated profile, etc.  I…"
Jan 30, 2019

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  • Holly, the Ning support provided you with some news about videos in 3.0 and about the future of the platform?

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