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Ning 2Q 2017 plan!

Most of you have asked us about Product plan for the nearest future. And here it is! 

For the last couple of months we’ve been listening to you very carefully, gathering and analyzing all your feedbacks to make Ning platform a better place for you and your members.

So here is the list of functions we are going to release in Q2.

1) Making Ning 3.0 as functional as Ning 2.0:
- Paid Access. Probably the most expected feature that will be much better and way more functional than the previous version.
- Chats. Basically, they are live now, but in Q2 this option will be upgraded to the next level.
- Audio. The basic feature with basic performance.

2) Completely new features:
- Polls. You will be able to ask different questions, receive immediate feedback from your customers and make research you need in order to evolve your platform.
- Member ranking system. To encourage, motivate and engage your members, as well as develop your community.

3) Some upgrades are coming for both platforms:
- Disk usage is going to be visible for all creators to manage your space and resources.
- Broadcast messages will become more functional, with a bunch of new settings for you and your members.

4) Our brand new redesigns are also coming to push Ning to a new era not only functionally, but visually as well:
- redesign is live now and you can check it out on
- and Ning corporate blog will try out new outfits this quarter too.

5) New migration script. Those who would like to migrate from Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0 to use more benefits would be able to do that easily.

6) System monitoring. 99,9% of uptime monitoring is now done, which gives us the opportunity to keep everything under control, and provide you with better and better service.

7) Hardware renovation plan, that our tech team is currently working on, is going to be ready by the end of Q2.

If you have any ideas on how to improve our service and you are willing to share your thoughts don't hesitate to email us at
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    • Hi there!

      Thanks for the question.

      No, you don't have to create the new network each time the new feature gets released as they would become available on previously created networks as well. Please note that the features mentioned in the Q2 plan would be implemented on Ning 3.0 platform.


      Ning Team.

      • Kyryl, here is my ticket log with Anastasia, from which I understood I need to create new page and network only after the update release, could you please clarify did I misunderstand something?:

        ##- Please type your reply above this line -##
        Your ticket has been updated. You can reply to this message to send us an update.

        Anastasia (Ning Help Center)
        May 17, 17:30 EEST


        It will be nesessary to create a new page with new functionality, you will not be able to add it to already existing page, so, this is why it is better to postpone the creation of the page.


        May 11, 18:31 EEST

        Sorry, didn't get it clearly. When this functionality is added can I use it and change my current page implementing the music player? Or I will have to create new page to use this new functions?

        Anastasia (Ning Help Center)
        May 10, 23:52 EEST


        It is better to postpone the creation of the page because the brand new functionality will be added and it will be easier for you to adjust your functionality with an existing feature.


        May 7, 09:19 EEST

        Thanks for reply. Do I need to wait till you release it before creating the page or the feature will be integrated to my existing and working page and I don't need wait with its creation?

        Anastasia (Ning Help Center)
        May 7, 09:03 EEST


        Unfortunately, at this point, we do not have Music Player at NING 3.0 platform, but our team is already working on it, so we plan to release this feature in the next month or two.
        By the way, you can join us on and check out our 2Q plan:
        If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us back and we will assist you!


        May 6, 23:53 EEST

        Please advise can I add make music upload feature & make embded player available for my users?

        This email is a service from Ning Help Center.
        • Hi Stanislav,

          I do apologise for the misunderstanding. It seems that my colleague has decided that you are asking us about the page where the music player will be added automatically after the implementation of it.

          After the release of any update, the feature would become available straight away for the newly created networks and for the already created as well. So there is no need to create the site/network etc., it would be only necessary to create the new page on your network/site related to the music.

          I hope that right now everything is clear for you, if not I'm always here to help.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • With regard to the paid access, I second Aubrey's comments. I will add my preference is for a true paywall integration where I have the option of accepting payments right into the same account I use to pay for the service.

      On that note, I don't see this feature as an added value service - it was a feature available on the previous version of the product and I was told it would be made available shortly after I moved to 3.0 - so if you want to make this part of your upcoming rate adjustments, then please feel free to credit my account for the last four years or so that you were charging me for it.

  • its a good start , you see if you listen you learn . 2.0 was and is the best platform ,all ways had the most control over how your site was presented ,

    but you still have bugs , pictures are still not loading fully and Meany still just post as a x box .    

    • Hi there!

      We are glad to hear that you do support what we are doing in order to develop the Ning 3.0 platform, and we would like to thank you for this.

      Unfortunately, the issue with Meanies hasn't been resolved yet and we don't think that it will be included into the current sprint as there are some issues that have affected more than one network and should be fixed on the first place.

      Also could you please be a little bit more specific about the pictures that are not loading fully?

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • As of this morning (Monday) all 4 of my browsers are loading correctly. I think they must have worked on the problem all weekend and fixed it. (fingers crossed) Steve, I did notice that when deleting a full page of replies the left justification returned but when I switched pages or F5 refreshed it went back to normal. 

    Kevin, I have very few issues with 2.0 and have been running my site for 10 years. When the previous owners decided to hike the rates, I deleted almost everything from the site and even set up a 3.0 to switch to (if it became necessary). IMHO 3.0 was a downgrade and even with the current addition of videos to 3.0, I don't want to change.  Then again I'm 70 years young and don't need to have to relearn anything, as my memory is as scarce as hen's teeth. ☺

  • Hi

    Is a better design (more responsive and much more modern) in Q2 plan ?

    • Poppili no, 2.0 is old, old code and deteriorating day by day.  You can put bandaids on it - but they're bandaids.  It's like comparing Windows 3.1 or Vista to Windows 10.  Yes Vista is out there but it cannot keep up with today's tougher standards in operation and design. 

      They've created a responsive 3.0 with new code which, yes, takes a little getting used to but I wouldn't go back to 2.0 now if they paid me.  I love 3.0.  Love love love it.

    • Hi there,

      As you may see from the Q2 plan the design would be changed for site and (actually, it has been already changed for

      If you are talking about the design of the networks based on 3.0 platform, as the design is totally up to you probably there are some additional tools are need to change something that you are not able to change at the moment?

      Best regards,

      Ning team.


This reply was deleted.

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