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Ning Design Studio & Instant Ad Boxes Are Live!

Over the last few weeks, we've gotten incredible feedback from 500+ Ning Creators on the Ning Design Studio. Today, we're thrilled to make the Ning Design Studio available to everyone — you can enable it from the Ning Labs page.

Enabling the Ning Design Studio gives you access to these features:

  • Choose from 50+ hot new themes at launch
  • See a live preview of changes as you make them
  • Set a 2- or 3-column layout and choose navigation and sidebar locations
  • Tweak 80 dials and knobs for your site appearance
  • Re-publish any other theme you've used in the past
  • Access Developer Mode, where design gurus can access the Ning CSS and create their own themes

Here are just a few great ways Creators are already using the Ning Design Studio:

Everything about the Ning Design Studio is 100% opt-in. If your Ning Network already looks perfect, don't worry — your current theme and customizations won't be affected at all. (Also, congratulations!) In the coming days, we'll make the Design Studio your default editor, but this still won't change the appearance of your Ning Network, and you'll be able to revert back to the old editor if you like.

Instant Ad Boxes

In addition to the Ning Design Studio, we're introducing the Instant Ad Box feature.  Instant Ad Boxes are similar to Text Boxes but are designed to seamlessly integrate advertisements with your Ning Network. You can place Instant Ad Boxes above the header, above the canvas, or below the footer. This has been a long-requested feature, and we're pumped to release it with the Ning Design Studio. Whether you enable a new theme or not, you'll be able to use this feature.

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  • Thanks, everyone, for all the bug reports and feedback. An extra big thanks to those who participate in our private beta. Big help! This discussion is getting  a bit long and unwieldy, so I may close it. If you see any issues with the Design Studio, let us know with a ticket. Our team is still making adjustments, and a ticket is the best way for us to get any additional bugs reported in front of the people who can fix them. Thanks again for your help with one of our biggest releases ever!
  • Only issue i'm seeing in the new design is.. in firefox my ad under the tab won't center but in safari it's centered. I don't know how it looks on a PC.
  • It's not letting me use the new editor. It's telling me to pick a theme because the old one is not compatible. I click to change a new theme and the page is white
    • I figured it out.. i had to disable my text boxes in scripts4ning.
    • Hi, Mark. Good question. There is not a way to adjust the columns.
  • I tried to switch to the new Editor, but there was a near revolt within my Network. They don't like any of the new templates (and neither do I, honestly), and were upset that they could no longer customize their own pages. I don't have the skills to develop my own design, so I'm back to the old one. Bummer. Thank you for offering this choice. Perhaps if there are some more "fun" yet easy to read design templates in the future, and if members become able to customize their own pages, we'll switch then.
    • We'll be adding more, Pam. Here's some extra info about that if you haven't seen it yet.
      • Thanks, Eric. I know you guys are working as fast as you can. I underestimated how much my members care about the design - and especially the individual customizations! Next time I think I'll show some screen shots BEFORE I switch. :)
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