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NING is now available on Zapier

Zapier is a web-based service that provides workflows to automate the integration of web applications. It is often described as a translator between web APIs.

A user-friendly interface allows you to connect different platform accounts to perform the corresponding action in various services. In other words, your actions in one platform can be reflected in another.

Zapier allows you to instantly connect NING with 1,500+ apps to automate your work and find productivity superpowers.


Now, in a few simple steps, you can configure the automatic adding of content to your network from different social networks and services. For example, when you add a post to your Facebook Page, Twitter, or Medium, it can also be automatically posted to your blog.

Besides you can automatically add new Active or Pending Members to Google Contacts.


In this Beta, you can use the following NING triggers and actions: 

New Blog Post 

New Blog Post Comment 

New User

Head over to Social Site Manager and then to 3rd Party Integration and open Zapier details to enable this service.



You can add a new key by clicking the Add Key button and use it to create a Zap.

Please note that you may use one key for all Zaps, but in case you delete it, all Zaps will be deleted as well.


You can select the required template from the list by clicking the Use this Zap button, or create your own integration by clicking on More Zaps.



After that, please follow Zapier's further instructions.


Please note that while creating an integration, Zapier will ask you to enter sensitive information, such as Username (email network criteria), your account password, as well as Network Consumer Key and Network Consumer Secret.

Zapier is NING’s reliable partner, so you can safely provide this information to the service.


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  • TO THE DEVELOPERS: I am able to add a single account's blog post to our Discord channel via Zapier.  However, what we would really like to do is to be able to send the public activity feed into Discord.  I don't see a way to make that happen with the current integration.  Is it something that can be added?

  • Anastasia,

    Could you please do me a huge favor and label any usable new info for Ning 2... Add a (2) in the discussion header--- I end up reading all this cool stuff only to find it is only for Ning 3

    Thanks Suzie


  • I have used this and it works really well I used it with Feedly feeding into my Group Blogs.

    The only problem I had was that whne targeting the Blog I was provided with a list of IDs (I have multiple Blog instances) how do I identify the Blog/Blogfolder to the BLogID?

    Thanks fro any help.. But great product..

  • This is only for Ning 3? Ning 3 won't work for me right now but Zapier is potentially very valuable.

    • Hi Steve!

      Yes, for now, it is on 3.0 platform only. 

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

  • NC for Hire

    cool but where do we find "Tools"


    • NC for Hire

      there isn't a tools menu when logged in as creator...

      • NC for Hire

        Looks like they did change on Zapier but the instructions still tell us to go to a place "To get your consumer key & secret, log in and navigate to the Social Site Manager > 3rd Party Integration > Zapier. If you're not the network creator, you will have to contact one."   But when we go there is NO consumer key to use...

      • Hi there!

        We have already requested to change the instruction on the partner`s side, it should be corrected soon.

        You can generate your key in Social Site Manager > 3rd Party Integration > Zapier -

        Best regards,

        The NING Team

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