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Overview of Q3 and Ning Q4 2017 plan.

Better late than never - here is the product plan Q3 overview and Plans for Q4.
As you might have noticed, all the promised features have been released. We did our best to keep the deadlines and fit your expectations.
So here are Q3 updates:

1. Paid Access is finally live. It is even more than just old Paid Access, it is a great e-commerce platform with Stripe and PayPal integration. For now it is only available for beta-group, so if you forgot to ask for beta access, don’t miss your chance till Nov 3d.
2. Audio feature is live. Now you can easily create playlists, audio lessons, add audio tracks, podcasts, and any mp3 files. The feature has got a completely new design, which we think looks awesome.
3. Polls. Completely new feature for Ning, only available for Ning 3.0. Using Polls all Ning NCs can easily get up to date feedback from Network members.
4. The Design Studio got a few new templates, a bunch of new fonts and backgrounds to make it more user-friendly and provide flexibility of options you have in order to make your network modern and unique even without coding skills.
5. SSL certification had been implemented for all ning domain names.

Keeping in mind that we are living in the era of mobile devices all new features have been developed in a way so they would look great on mobile devices.

You could not miss how the Creators network changed, which is completely Kyryl’s merit, as is the new guide for Facebook integration.

And now as for the next steps, we are going to make:

1. Member ranking system
2. E-commerce platform wider development (donations, network membership, groups)
3. MailChimp Integration
4. SSL for custom domains, completely automated process.
5. Push notifications

Besides, there are lots of other improvements on the way, more related to back end, like the rework of the activity feed architecture and migration script (these are just the biggest ones so we simply can't help but highlight them).

As always we are happy to receive feedback from you, so feel free to drop us a line.

Sincerely yours,
Ning Team.

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  • Quick question and sorry if been asked before - are you using any sort of Ning user group to help shape member ranking system?

    Or are you dusting off / improving the code from the leaderboards of Ning 2.0?


    • Hi there!

      No, creators are not involved in MRS development.

      The leaderboards from 2.0 have been just calculating the number of content added in a period of time, MRS would be issuing points for certain actions, time spent on the network etс. Points would be used to earn achievements, depends on the settings some of them could even access the certain functions of the network. As an addition, MRS would have leaderboards, so more like new functionality than just improvement to the leaderboards.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • For the polls... you guys have listed "multiply choice." That is not even a real thing. It should say "multiple choice." Please, change. We look like idiots.

    • You can change that simply by going to the language editor, search for multiply choice and change to the correct spelling.

      • Hi John!

        I have had to remove one of the comments as it was same as this one.

        Best wishes,

        Ning Team.

        • No worries, yea when I went to post it it said it had an issue posting so try again which I did so it must have duplicated the post.

      • Thanks.
  • PLEASE... Make it easier for memebers to figure out how to upload photos and videos by adding an upload link to the profile pages.

    Thank you.

  • Still wondering why there is not Photo Albums being added ? Yes we can tag and have categories ( but categories are set by the admin and so maybe not relevent to what the member wants to group his photos by, also everyone else's photos get mixed into the category as well ) but it's not the same as albums. Would be nice to let members create albums for their photos as this is one major thing missing as it is something that would be expected to be there.

    • Hi John,

      I'm glad to see that you are still around, hope that you are doing fine. At the moment the new features have the higher priority than the changes to the existing ones, but don't worry I have everything documented and the suggestion to add albums has been created already :-) So we won't forget about it.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

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