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I’m excited to announce several major improvements to how we support you with questions and issues as you launch, grow and manage your communities on the Ning platform. Over the last six months, we’ve made significant investment in customer service. We’ve expanded our advocacy team by 200%, maintaining the same high standards for product knowledge, technical troubleshooting and customer service. As we expanded the team, we rolled out new levels of support for you:

  1. Phone support for all billing questions and issues, including cancellations. When we are dealing with your money and you have an issue, we understand that you need to resolve it immediately. Since we rolled out billing phone support in April, we’ve helped over 2,000 Ning Creators. If you have a billing-related question, call us 9 am - 5 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday. You can find the billing phone number by signing in to – the same location where all of your account information is located (including downloadable invoices).
  2. Dedicated phone support for Ning Pro customers. We assembled an elite team of our advocates and rolled out this service in May. Since we launched that service, we’ve already heard from several hundred Ning Pro customers, and our team is really enjoying getting to know them and their Ning Networks on a more in-depth level. Pro phone support is available 9 am - 5 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday. If you are a Ning Pro customer, you can find the phone number by going to your network Dashboard, clicking on the “Support” link at the bottom left, then clicking “Contact Support.” We look forward to hearing from you soon!
  3. Email support for Ning Mini customers. When we launched Ning Mini last summer, we offered Mini Ning Creators community-based support. Since then, we’ve heard loud and clear that this wasn’t enough for many of you – you need more responsive, higher-quality service. The launch of billing-related phone support in April was a big improvement for your payment and subscription questions, and several weeks ago we launched Mini email support for all other questions and issues. Just go to your network Dashboard, click on the “Support” link at the bottom left, then click “Contact Support” to submit your request.
  4. Welcome calls for new customers. Beginning in January, we started calling customers who recently created a new network to offer tips and help with any questions or issues they might have. We don’t reach every new Ning Creator – we’re not reaching accounts without a valid phone number or those who aren’t home when we call — but we’ve gotten a great reception from new customers to whom we've spoken. We plan to continue to ramp-up new trial and new subscription coaching over the next few months. If your phone rings and you see “Ning” as the Caller ID, please pick up!

We will continue to expand and refine how we help each of you with your Ning Network. To help us focus on services that will most help you, please give us feedback. We’ve sent out four surveys over the last eight months to Ning Creators who have contacted our support team. Your feedback is incredibly valuable and helps us deliver even better service. So, if you get a survey, please answer it.

Thank you for building your community on Ning. We look forward to helping you out soon!

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  • Still don't see a phone # anywhere?  I have a ning pro account.  Already reviewed the creators and posted there and sent email to support but nothing.  Really need an answer ASAP!!!

    Specifically, I enabled Likes (but not FB or other social sharing) on each part of the site (and attached screenshots), but while I can see the Like option when logged in as an Admin, I am not able to see the Like when logged in as a Member (attached screenshots).

    • Hello, Eric! As John notes: 

      If you are a Ning Pro customer, you can find the phone number by going to your network Dashboard, clicking on the “Support” link at the bottom left, then clicking “Contact Support."

  • i cant find the phone number??
  • This is nice to know! As consumer activists, we firmly believe and suggest to service providers that there is a 'middle income' group that actually funds and helps most organizations grow. In your case, the Ning 'Plus' category which we belong to.

    We have been the biggest and can be the most promising supporters of Ning in India. While India is facebook and joomla crazy, we have managed to single handedly invite a good quality of guests onto our two ning networks and

    However, over the past week we have experienced a shoddy display of customer service. It is disappointing us, making us wonder, if we should endorse ning, resubscribe, or shut down one or both our networks. 

    It's just not fair. We have never before posted anything on your forum, been most patient, and encouraging.

    We hope you value our concern, and convey this to your team. Please refer to these two discussions ( and



    • Hello again, talkingrich World Peace Network! We're still working on your issue and will update you when it is resolved. Appreciate your patience.
  • I called today for some billing support and the sound quality was awful.  There was so much background noise I could hardly hear my support person and gave up and ended up hanging up after a few minutes.  It was too difficult to get anywhere.  I LOVE that we have phone support, and I hope this was an isolated incident and that the sound quality is improved and background noise soon reduced!
    • Hey, Adina! As you might imagine, we had quite a few people calling us today. Bit of a lively atmosphere here at the Ning office, so my apologies if it was difficult to hear. I have passed on your experience to our team, so thanks for the feedback. We're pretty happy to be offering phone support now. Feel free to give us a call back!
      • i need support today, i have a huge problem!  where do i get help with my pro account?
        • Hey, Eric! We aren't able to offer dedicated, 24-hour phone support. But, Pro phone support is available 9 am - 5 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday. If you are a Ning Pro customer, you can find the phone number by going to your network Dashboard, clicking on the “Support” link at the bottom left, then clicking “Contact Support.” If you want to start a new discussion today, we might be able to help, but we don't offer phone support on Sunday.
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